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    How to deal with pain on the head of metacarpal bone

    Having severe pain on the hand after punching a wall? Let our medical experts advise you on how to treat this pain & whether it will cause permanent damage.

    Well, I have a nature to punch at walls or anything whenever I cannot help with getting the frustration and anger out of me.

    Earlier, I used to do it the same way and have done it hundreds of times but the pain I felt used to go away before my smashed up mood or just in an hour or two. But, this time recently it lasted for longer. The next day I was unable to use my finger normally because it pained but was much gone (not completely though) the very next day. I believed, it will take its time and will recover. I was now able to do all the things (I even write with my left hand, the injured one).

    Being the same for three days, on the 4th morning, I realized the pain has vanished completely. I had even stopped punching with this hand for some days and still not doing that, but even now (after some 8-9 days of that incident) I am still feeling a bit of pain (that's for the moment when I am punching/hitting it) while punching at medium level. Apart from that, I don't feel any pain while doing anything or lifting anything. I only feel it when I am trying to punch (just to test my hand). I believe it can heal up with time but I wish to seek expert's advice on ISC.

    [That's my case history of how, what and when did it happened. I am also attaching a photo to let you know the exact location of pain.]

    I want to know if it could be a fracture. If the pain is due to the temporary damage in the muscles and ligaments around the knuckle, how long can/should it take to recover?
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  • As per my advice, you should not punch on the wall to remove frustration. If you have a having anger problem then you can do some meditation or yoga to make your mind peaceful.

    As per the pain of the metacarpal is concerned, I would like to suggest to visit a orthopedician for proper checkup. Your pain might be some injury of ligament. There are maximum chances of it not being a fracture. Fracture usually gives unbearable pain. You should apply some ointment such as MOOV for relief from pain. Also you should avoid extra movement of your palm as it is essential for the quick healing of the damage of the muscles of palm.

  • Thanks for the awesome advice you gave, Amit.

    You won't believe, but I am already into meditation and still the things go hyper at times. I feel I also need to visit a psychiatrist otherwise, a consultant.

    Also, I need to clarify that I am feeling no pain at all while doing any movement of palm/fingers. I am using it as usual without any pain. I only feel a momentary pain when I am again trying to hit a wall.

    Well, I will soon visit a bone care hospital to examine if it's a minor fracture in bone.

    Ank Arya

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