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    How back pain occurs and how can we treat it?

    Suffering from back pain which is severe at night? Get free medical advice at to know how back pain occurs and how to treat it effectively.

    I am a young guy. I have a problem of back pain. It started a few months back and now the pain is quite severe, especially at night.
    I have no history of any physical damage in the past.
    Can you please help me what should I do?
    I will appreciate for your help.
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  • Back pain can occur at any age and one should try different means to cure it. Some useful tips to get rid of back pain are:
    -Start doing meditation under guidance.

    -Always sit with correct postures.

    -Do not use a pillow under your head while sleeping.

    -Avoid driving as much as you can.

    -Avoid sitting in one place for a long time and take few short breaks to walk around.

    -Do not lift weights or heavy stuff or perform exercise that exerts pressure on your back.

    -Show your back to a specialist and start attending few physiotherapy sessions.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Nowadays Back pain is a common problem in youngsters. The reason behind this problem is mainly lifestyle and nature of job.
    It includes the usage of computer and two wheeler. Many people are working in the world of computer. So your posture of sitting will be a reason for this. I have seen in many people including me this pain is severe in night. Cannot lie in a straight position. So it is better to avoid pillow and bed. Choose a flat surface and thin pillow to sleep.
    Take rest or walk after the continuous use of the computer. Selection of the chair which is comfortable for you is important. It is better to avoid two wheeler for long journey.
    Sometime back pain is a symbol of increment of weight. So try to maintain your health without increasing weight.
    Don't lift heavy objects when there is a severe pain. Bed rest is a better solution for this. In home itself you can apply hot water with salt using cloth. This is a traditional method. Then also if it is not gettig cured ,better you consult a doctor.

  • Dear member,
    Back pain may be due to various conditions since you are a youngster there is no need to worry more.

    Treat your Backpain using some exercises.
    You may also use hot water fomentation or consult your doctor for physiotherapy.

    There are many modalities like SHORTWAVE DIATHERMY,INTERFERENTIAL THERAPY,TRACTION etc which the physiotherapist uses for pain relief.


  • Breathing exercise:Lie in supine(face facing upward),bend both your knees and take a deep breathin through your nose and breathout through your mouth.Repeat it for 5 times.

  • Lie in prone position(face facing down)with hands by the side.Now slowly lift your head, hold it for 5 counts and relax.Do it for 5 times.

  • Then lift your head and shoulder,hold it for 5 counts and relax.Again do it for 5 times.

  • Now lift your head,shoulder and one leg along with thigh without bending knees.Hold and relax for 5 counts for 5 times.

  • Repeat the same process for the other leg.

  • Now turn to supine position(face up)repeat the breathing exercise.

  • Do the above exercises atleast thrice daily initially for 5 counts and then increase it slowly.

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