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    How Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) helps in stock?

    Wondering about the profits in buying ITC shares and what tax should be paid when buying out this the shares? Ask for opinion about finance and investment in stock market over here.

    I am buying 3 shares of ITC every month on 15th date. Currently I have 33 shares. I was advised to do so by my friend. I want to know how much time should be given to this SIP for getting maximum benefits? How does this help to increase my portfolio amount? During withdrawal of all the shares bought from this SIP, how much tax do I need to pay ?
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  • ITC is doing well as a company and entering the market at several levels. The share prices of ITC have been pretty steady and are expected to increase from the long-term perspective. Investors will benefit a lot by investing in stocks in ITC or some bluechip company stocks through SIP procedure. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) ensures investors can buy particular stock at different price levels and thereby get a good average buying price for the stock. It is advisable to make SIP investment for a tenure of atleast 12 months to strengthen one's finance portfolio.

    One can sell shares bought via SIP in the same way as one sells other shares which are bought directly.

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