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    How to reduce belly fat after first pregnancy C section operation?

    Wondering how to lose belly fat after C section operation? Ask for proper information and opinion over here.

    We have eight month daughter who born by C Section operation. My wife is still having belly fat even after 8 months of pregnancy. How to reduce that belly fat? What are the diet and exercises which might help her to lose the belly fat upon successful implementation?
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  • Belly fat after pregnancy is normal. Routine exercises, proper diet can help a lady to regain the weight of her dreams. Belly fat is very rigid entity and difficult to loose. It is quite challenging one. But could be worked hard and one would see the effects and tightening up of belly after couple of months itself if worked on this aspect. One thing to be kept in mind is fat couldn't be targeted. If weight loss has to occur, it occurs in throughout the body.

    These simple exercises can help to reduce body fat:-
    It is easiest exercises of all. No special training is required. All that is required is comfortable pair of shoes, track suits and the likeliness developed naturally to walk and walk more. Walk for at least one hour a day, preferably in the morning.

    Walking combined with alternate sessions of jogging can enhance weight loss and in turn helps to reduce belly fat.

    3)Shoulder lifts:-
    This helps in toning the belly.

    *Lie on your back.
    *Arms should be kept along the sides.
    *Bend knees such that bottom of the feet touches the floor.
    *Inhale and while doing so relax belly.
    *Exhale and while doing so head lift should be done gradually.
    *Again inhale and lower your head back down.

    The best breathing exercises combined with relaxation is what yoga provides. It is the best method to loose weight. 30-40 minutes of yoga not only helps to loose weight, in fact would keep a person whole day cheerful.

    A good diet is also equally important. Things to be taken care of are:-
    1)Drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water daily at regular intervals.

    2)Eat 5 portions of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

    3)Eat a balanced nutritious meal.

    4)Do not consume oily, deep fried food items.

    5)Include sprouts in your meal.

    6)Eat at regular intervals. Do not eat 2 large meals. Eat small 5 to 6 meals.

    7)Do not over eat.

    8)Do not indulge in eating chocolates and other fatty snacks.

    All these things can make your wife to slim down again and will greatly help to reduce belly fat.

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    It's not easy being a new mom. You're dealing with so much change – a new baby, and a body you no longer recognise. What do you do?

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