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    Calorie burning excercise for back pain patient

    Need to do calorie burning exercises but suffer from back pain? Get expert opinions and good advice in this thread on which are the best exercises to burn calories which are effective for a patient having back pain.

    My cholesterol was found to be on the higher side. My Doctor suggested to me to do exercise which burns calories. I am doing some yoga to maintain back health, but if I am doing calorie burning exercise like swimming, walking or gym or cycling, it gives some back pain. Could you suggest me calorie burning exercise which will not harm my back?
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  • Cycling could be a good choice to not only burn calories but to keep you wallet full without spending on fuel. But do consult your doctor for back pain and it should not be ignored.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Does your doctor know that you are having back pain? If he was told and he is aware of the intensity and the chronic or acuteness of that, then he would have suggested to you the proper and relevant exercises only. Are the exercises your own choice or the doctor's suggestion

    So first ensure that you doctor is told about the back pain. If so you need not worry. But if pain increases or persists even after good rest, meet doctor and appraise him.

    You should not exert for long time continuously. Perform an exercise till you start perspiring (see that your pulse rate does not go abnormally high) then continue in a constant level to maintain the perspiration for some more time. Then slow down, taper and rest or do normal activity.

    Instead of one long bout of exercise,you may segregate them into two or more convenient shifts.

    If doctor has not diagnosed any serious problem with your back, consult him on taking some pain relievers to reduce back pain. With less back pain,you may be more comfortable to exercise.
    But see that the exercises do not exert extra lad on your back(bones or muscles). If you have started Yoga by yourself recently, the back pain may be because of that also, by not getting the correct posture easily.

    If the back pain is due to excess body weight once the weight reduces by diet and exercise,the pain will subside and even vanish also.

    Include a couple of exercises where the back is supported by a hard but comfortable straight plain surface.

  • Generally all exercise are calorie burners. What happens after eating, intake foods are broken down into some particle so that it could be absorbed into blood to provide calories to our body and this calories are used during our various activities. There is a three layered cover in each cell of our body called PLP which stands fro protein-lipid-protein. Cholesterol is considered within the class of lipid. When presence of cholesterol increases in blood causes various problems like increase of blood pressure etc. Accordingly, it is advised to increase our activities so that excess calories is used during those as such extra calories could not help to increase our lipid level.

    It is a very common symptom that we feel pain in our muscle during the starting of exercise. Muscles get stretched during exercises and causes pain. It does not mean to stop exercise to reduce that pain rather it is suggested to continue because when muscles get habituated, pain will be removed automatically. Otherwise, we will feel pain whenever stat exercise. But if pain persists, you should contact your doctor immediately.

    Also note that you should avoid some activities like lifting weight bending your waist etc if you feel pain in back after starting some calorie burning exercises to keep yourself in safe. Note that any type of weight lifting is completely prohibited in case of chronic pain in back too. Hope you will get a solution soon and will be able to keep yourself healthy. Wish you a healthy life.

    Editor, ISC

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  • Dear member,
    If you have back pain I won't suggest you to do strenuous exercise to reduce your calories.
    Consult your nearby Physiotherapist for safe and easy exercises.
    You can reduce your cholesterol level by taking healthy diet itself.Exercise alone won't create wonders in treating high cholesterol.
    Tips to reduce High Cholesterol:
    1.In your regular diet add more onion and garlic.
    2.Take citric fruits like Lemon,Orange etc which are rich in Vitamin C
    3.If you are Non-Vegetarian,take Fish atleast twice a week.Fish has Omega 3 fatty acids which reduces cholesterol level and prevents heart diseases.
    4.Usage of olive oil will also reduce the cholesterol level in the blood.

    For your back problem you may follow this exercise by clicking the link below
    Exercise for back pain(where I have answered)


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