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    What is shoulder dislocation and how long it takes to come to normal?

    Suffering from a dislocated shoulder? Get quick medical advice here on the exact meaning of shoulder dislocation and how to treat it effectively for a quick recovery.

    Recently suffered a shoulder dislocation with lots of pain and lots of anxiety. I am wondering how long it will take to back to normal as still the movement is not getting in the same manner or for that matter the strength in the hand is not used to be in the same manner. I would like to know exactly what is a shoulder dislocation and what is the normal time for a full recovery.
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  • What is shoulder dislocation?
    - Our body has many joints which helps in joining and moving different parts of the body (bones) in a free manner in a particular or any direction. Our shoulder joint is commonly known as ball and socket joint (movable joint) in which the round end of our arm bone (humerus), sits in a socket present in our shoulder. Due to heavy fall or injury, the arm bone comes out of this shoulder socket and the connected tissues present in the joint are either torn apart or over- stretched. Due to which a lot of pain is caused around the shoulder.

    What is the normal time for a full recovery?
    - Well, it varies from person to person and recovery periods depends upon a lot of factors. Its depends upon the severity and damage caused to the joint, the age of the person, whether the patient is taking proper care of the shoulder, exercise etc. Usually, a minimum of on month (4 weeks) will be required and it may also extend to 6-7 weeks. So, I suggest you should give rest to your should during the initial days (don't move your arm too much in the sling) and then under doctor advice, start doing shoulder and arm exercises. For complete recovery it will take maximum 4 months (12 weeks).

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  • When the humerus separates from the scapula the dislocation of shoulder occurs and if it has immediate surgery and proper treatment then it will be cured after 16 weeks of complete bed rest but it is suggested than if you want to do heavy works with your shoulder then you do it after 20-22 weeks after surgery.
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  • Shoulder dislocation:
  • Dislocation is a condition in which there is a total loss of contact between the ends of bones.

  • Shoulder joint is more prone for dislocation than any other joints in the body.

  • Based on direction there are many type of dislocation.Among all anterior shoulder dislocation is more common.

  • Cause of injury:
  • Fall on outstretched hand

  • Blow on the back of the shoulder

  • Treatment:
    Reduction is the best treatment for this dislocation.Hence visit your orthopaedic surgeon.

    Physiotherapy for the condition:
  • Physiotherapy plays an important role in treating this condition.If you in initial stage your doctor after reduction provides you a strap hence you cannot move your shoulder.At this time, you must do wrist and hand movements to avoid any stiffness.

  • After the straps are removed, your limb will be supported in slings.Consult your physiotherapist for other exercises including exercises to elbow.

  • Only after 12 weeks you must do exercises like strengthening,stretching and resisted exercises.

  • For more exercises refer to this link here I have explained it
    Shoulder exercises

  • Take precautions since there are many chances for recurrence.

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