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    Tips for some basic Interview topics for Jam Session

    Will you be appearing for an important interview soon? Get expert tips in this thread to know how to present oneself & express views on a given topic during the interview round for a job.

    I would like to know how to express in detail about some basic Interview topics like favorite holiday spot, Best Birthday ever celebrated, Whom do you admire the most in your life and Why, Likes and Dislikes about Television and Movies, Impact of Television, and so on.

    Also, how to introduce oneself in a unique manner.
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  • Unique way is nothing but your own way. Its your own attitude. I'll give you tips to shape it in the right way. There are a lot of things you should keep in mind while attending an interview.

    1. Be confident and show a good attitude, not only to the interviewer but to everyone you come across in the venue. But don't look over confident, which is dangerous.
    2. Before entering into the interviewer room, get his/her permission to enter the room. From there, they start evaluating you. Act smart, polite and humble.
    3. Start with a greeting, like "Hello Sir" or "Hello Mam" when you are asked to introduce yourself. Then continue by saying your name as "I'm so and so". You can continue saying about your educational background, your skills, your nature and your hobbies.
    4. For questions like "whom do you admire most", "Likes and Dislikes", try to give answer in a way, which should make the interviewer feel that you are approaching life in a positive way.
    5. Some other questions like "Favorite holiday spot", "Best Birthday" are asked to evaluate your communication skills. Try to be clear and to the point.


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