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    What is important: company’s brand name or salary?

    Confused about whether to work in a lesser know company for a better salary than a well known company for a lower salary? Let our career guidance experts help you resolve this confusion!

    I'm working in an MNC, where work and environment are good, but salary is less. Nowadays I'm getting many offers from other companies with better salary than my current company. However, the companies have no brand names, so it means those are ordinary companies.

    So I'm confused what to do: whether I should continue with my current company because of MNC and brand name or with the other company for salary?

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  • Dear friend,
    It should be decided after study of many factors around you. Any how I will try to with my best of knowledge.

    The Job in the MNC with good brand name like ORACLE, my son draw good package with great liberty with jolly mood with out any pressure.

    He jumped to another upcoming company for good hike. Now I could not say when he comes to home. Now and then he attends for Sunday or Saturday too.

    This is the example to decide for yourself. Above all the obligations around you will be to decide.

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  • If the difference in salary is high, and there is not much prospect of getting sizable increase in near terms, it is better to take up a higher paying job.

    High brand name companies may exploit using their reputation also. As they are in a commanding position, they can force new recruits to work for them at low salaries. Many new employees also know this and the need experience in reputed organisations. Once they are sure of experience, they quit and join other organisations. But there are some well established organisations who take employees who are worth for them and take care of them quite well, with a lot of non-salary perks and comforts.

    Just make inquiries with your colleagues and understand the ground situation in your company.

    The career decision should be a proper combination of present salary, prospective increase, permanency of job, career advancement opportunity in the organisation or attrition rate of employees, and the other non-salary perquisites and comforts.

    Hence you should mingle with some senior colleagues in your present job and also talk with some employees in any prospective employer organisation. That will help yo take a decision.

  • I would say it depends on what is it that you want. If what you want is a comfortable life, then usually big MNCs are better. But that is if you are not working for a service company. In service companies, life can get tough based on clients. In smaller companies, usually you have to work harder. The learning curve is higher though.

    I loved working for a small company. People recognize and value you. You have a lot more to learn, you have a challenging work life. Sometimes though, the personal life gets impacted. You have to strike the right balance.

    As Venkiteshwaran said above, larger companies give lower hikes. If you are working for a product based company, then there is a chance for a bigger hike afterwords.

    My recommendation is that till you get to about 8 to 10 years experience you should switch a lot. Then you will be at a comfortable salary, you might be married and already having or about to have a kid. That time you will need to have more time for yourself and that is when you should consider staying more than jumping.

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  • In a simple manner, I can suggest you to consider both (Company's brand name and Salary). What you are facing is the same thing that many MNC/BPO employees does and frustrated after passing few years. Few of them smartly apply for various Central Government organization and State Government organization and jump when they get called for and offer letter. This is the best thing one shall supposed to do when one have age, education, experience and best package offer etc.

    I am also aware that there are few well known or branded MNC/BPO companies who uses youth's health and age for their toughest process to execute and pay less than what they supposed to get. No hike, no bonus and no incentives but low salary with some rare low cost gift. What is the use of Branded company where you won't get anything than hard work for less pay.

    There are many unknown companies that offer day shift, good package, better prospects, Sat & Sun off, annual leave and so on benefits from those organization. I can suggest you to try on this as well other than branded company with good salary package organization offers.

  • Money or salary is most important need for our happy life.
    Today in India many new company offer good salary for new employee, and it is good for short time job but when you want to do job in company for long period then it is most important to choose the branded company because this type of company pay good salary after some period compare to new company.

    In case of big or branded company like Infosys or Wipro it provide good environment for employee. However small company has low budget and it unable to provide this type of environment. When you choose branded company then you can secure with your job for long time.

  • These days no job is guaranteed be it MNC or small scale company. So make sure you get some decent salary to keep your feet safe. Make sure you keep on developing the experience when you get into MNC for long term. Always keep multiple source of income ready when unemployment strikes on you.

  • Hi friend,
    You have brand in market because it is durable and it has sustained in market since a long time. Similarly a company that has a Brand means it has gone through the difficult as well as good times of recession, profit, high attrition, greater focus on technology, huge competition etc .

    As it has seen all these situations there is high probability that it can deal with such situations when it comes in future. There is greater stability in such a company as it is always striving hard to excel in all the departments. If you sit back, relax and think all this you would surely say that in the end Brand matters.

    My personal experience which I have heard is that generally many companies offer a high package to an individual gets him/her onboarded, makes him/her complete the specific project and then shunt him out of the company giving certain lame excuse.

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