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    What are benefits of posting and contributing in Wikipedia pages?

    Want to submit information at Wikipedia? Learn about the benefits of contributing to Wikipedia pages.

    The question is about Wikipedia pages. Today I just created a new account in Wikipedia website. They offered me for contributing my stuff in their pages. So I need your suggestion that what are benefits of posting and contributing in Wikipedia pages? If any one knows about it please tell me with details.
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    Wikipedia is a user generated encyclopedia that's helping millions of people world wide. No one pays if you write for Wikipedia, it's just a platform for you to share your knowledge.

    So, your question is, why the hell should I write for free?

    Let me answer this question.

    It's our responsibility or duty to share our knowledge with the world. If you're not ready to share it on Wikipedia, try your own platform like a blog/website.

    Practically, there're no benefits if you write for Wiki sites, except that self satisfaction. You can proudly say that you are a wiki contributor and millions of people may read and learn from your writings.

    Hope you got it.

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    Benefits of posting articles on Wikipedia:-
    1. You can share your knowledge to millions of internet users. (Since Wikipedia articles are show as top search results on Google than other blogs and websites)
    2. You may give external nofollow links as reference. (Beware that only trusted and quality reference are allowed)

    1. Your contribution maybe edited by anyone on Wikipedia. (You can restore it from History, if you feel it is improper)
    2. You can't move your article from Wikipedia to your own blog or website once you had published your article.

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    You don't gain any financial benefit from contribution and then again there are many things in life you don't gain anything financially when you do them. In case of wikipedia, your contribution goes into the database that constantly refines itself and evolves. You should contribute cutting-edge information or the information that needs revision from existing update. That'll make you feel good for contributing to the global cause.

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