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    What are the health benefits of drinking green tea?

    Want to know what exactly is green tea and its benefits? Learn from our experts how green tea differs from other types of tea, its health benefits and the various types of green tea available in the Indian market.

    Many a time people talk about risk of drinking normal tea and on the other hand, people also talk about health benefits of green tea. I want to know how this green tea is different from normal tea? Why a word green is added with tea? What are the health benefits of drinking green tea? Where types of green tea are available?
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  • Hi,

    You can get number of exciting benefits if you start consuming green tea in a regular basis.

    1. Consumption of Green tea protects body cells and reduces the risk of cancer.
    2. Regular intake of Green tea can help to reduce body fat resulting in weight loss.
    3. Green tea consumption reduces cholesterol and thus prevents heart attack and other heart diseases.
    4. It also acts as a beauty agent. Its regular intake will make your face look brighter and younger. Makes you look young always.

    Green tea is available in market in different forms.

    1. Single tea bag.
    2. Tea Leaves.
    3. In powder form.
    4. Bottled green tea.

    It is not advisable to have green tea on empty stomach. You can have it half an hour before a meal or 1 to 2 hours after meal.

    Mixing sugar or milk with green tea wont give you these benefits.

    Lead a healthy life!


  • Hi,

    Green tea have many advantages. it is not just a normal Tea

    1. It fights Cancer
    2. Lowers Cholesterol
    3. Prevents Cavities
    4. Protect against heart diseases
    5. Speeds metabolism
    6. Prevents diabetes
    7. Antiviral agent
    8. Maintains a healthy circulatory system
    9. Strengthens tooth enamel
    10. Reduces Plague and Bacteria in your mouth

    It is an Antioxidant so green tea is a Healthy drink.



  • Hi friend,
    Green tea is beneficial for health; take 2-3 cups daily.
    It cures pimples and also acts as blood purifier.
    It helps to keep bones strong.
    Green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer.
    It cures heart diseases.
    Green tea helps as anti aging.
    It helps in reduce the weight.
    It controls diabetes.
    It controls arthritis.

  • Hi Friend,

    Benefits of drinking Green Tea:

    1.It helps for the weight loss

    2.It helps in the reduction of high Cholesterol

    3.It helps for reducing Diabetes and Heart Diseases

    4.It reduces the risk of high Blood Pressure

    5.It helps to recover from Depression

    So as it have large number of benefits go for the green tea early in the morning

    Hope the information is helpful for you

  • Green tea includes in the same species of black tea. Only a plant variety
    , and the processing is also different. Green tea is processing by immediate heating and drying by preventing the too much oxidation. As a results the colour of the tea and flavour become fresh.
    1. Green tea acts as a healthiest bevarage.
    2. it involves in the active brain function weight loss and reduce the risk of cancer.
    3. it protects the cell from damge.

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