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    Paralytial Attack To My Mom

    Paralytial Attack To My Mom

    Dear all,
    My mom had have a paralytical attack in 1998 on left side of her body. She ha s also undergone an aortic valve replacement in 1999. Since then we tried physiotherapy for 4-5 years along with Ayurvedic medicines but her left part (mainly her fingers in left hand, elbow, shoulder etc) are weak. Now my question is, whether we can bring her left hand to the original/normal working condition by physiotherapy or any other means. Kindly advice.

    Awaiting for you replies.
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  • I think paralysis is the challenging moment for senior citizen and then feel left out if we do not attend them. I can understand your concern for mother. Try Kerala ayurvedic treatment for her and consult a doctor in this regard. She may recoup.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • Its a sensitive matter and an expert need to write about it. All I can say that I felt really very bad and wishes your mother a good health. I personally believe as per my religion that almighty has not created a disease which have no cure present on earth itself. So try your luck as best as you can and hope your will be able to bring her to normalcy.

    Farid Akhtar
    ISC-Joined for fun but learn and earn.

  • It is of course a sad news and concern about your mother's case. However, there are few percentages of people who suffers from paralysis in the old age and some on middle age and some on young age. It is really challenging for the all when some one attacked paralysis upon older age and getting extra time to recover from it. Try Acupuncture method and it works for some people, its all depend on individual case and suitable treatment, otherwise there will be no cure but wasting time in a different related treatment.

    What I have heard is that "Physioline Mumbai" is the best one for such treatment but might be expensive to prescribe it. I can also suggest you to go with Ayur Kerala treatment which can naturally cure the paralysis health issue. If you would like to go with Allopathy treatment for paralysis then you can try at

  • From the conditions explained it appears that the motor parts of left part of the body are not completely senseless which can be confirmed by pressing with sharp edged article like spoon or key or your car especially below the feet. If the senses do exist then you must try with top neurosurgeons at Health Magic with the condition that your mother has not lost the will power to live. Make here as happy as you can and do not make her feel that she is isolated or nobody is looking after her. With strong will power, physiotherapy, acupressure and expert advice of an experience neurosurgeon can do wonders. I have seen many persons recovering from paralytic attack but all of them had strong will power and never accepted the defeat from this immobile position.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Dear member,
    A good physiotherapy every day will surely bring affected limbs to near normal range. Hence follow the advice from the well trained physiotherapist and take some precautions for good health from concerned doctors. Daily ask your mother to do active exercises to all the major and minor joints in left hand, mild stretching exercises and also functional activity for better results.

    Always don't loose hope since a positive thinking itself will give a way for 100% cure. You can ask your doctor or physiotherapist for cock-up splint if there is wrist drop. Ask your mother to involve her left hand for all the ADL activities. You can also consult occupational therapist for additional benefits.

    Make sure there is no dislocation of shoulder in the left hand before doing any exercise. In physio department your mother can use various equipments like Mariners wheel, pulleys, static cycle and lots more for better results. Your therapist will teach you some home exercises which your mother can do by her own or by some attenders. Hence it is better to continue physiotherapist according to my point of view.


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