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    Expected answers for an Interview

    Want to be well prepared for an interview with a FMCG foreign company? Make preparations by knowing from the responses below on how to answer the questions usually asked during the interview.

    Friends I am from Hospitality management back ground. After that I joined Finance line and still working there, but now I am having an Interview for marketing job (For a reputed FMCG company) at South Africa.

    I need to know some expected questions and its answers. They may ask:
    1-How can you prove yourself if we select you?
    2-Please tell me something about yourself?
    3- As you have no Foreign experience how will you fit in or how to do marketing of the product?
    4- Why you are changing your sector as your education from Hospitality management, working and Finance and expecting job at FMCG for marketing?

    And please add any other suggestion.
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  • To be frank for any kind of questions the interview panel may judge you whether you are telling on your own at that time or prepared earlier. So it is better to be casual and presence of mind I is required for any interview.

    For the first two you may have to tell about you by yourselves only there won't be anybody best judge yourselves.

    For third and fourth you may substantiate your answers if you have any other language skill or certificate to that effect and also your hospitality management may come in aid of tackling any kind of situation.

    For fourth question also, your qualification on hospitality may help you in marketing skills like talking, attracting customers and also your experience in finance may help more points in marketing with the support of budgeting of customers, other organizations if you happen to deal.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • More than what your answers would be, I think it would be the way you answer that matter more. Your level of exhibited confidence, your body language and the way you put forth things will be considered by the interviewer. So, instead of preparing particularly it would be better to prepare yourself generally. You should not be overconfident but should at the same time be convincing.

    I am not sure whether a direct question as the first one in your query will be asked. They may ask you the forth question and then lead you on to answering a question similar to the first one. Regarding change of sector, you can always give out your experience and then connect it to your present choice as suggested by Saroja and can list out a few points which you think will help you in functioning in the marketing field smoothly.

    Foreign experience is not something which everyone might be expected to have a claim to and so it will be your positive outlook and attitude that would go into convincing the company that you would be able to deliver if made responsible.

    Make yourself aware about the company in sufficient details and be ready to spell out your skills in a comprehensive and believable manner. Haven't you heard of so many people who have made it to good jobs without much of academic background or skills? Be confident and of course, true to yourself. All the best!

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

  • I think the first and foremost thing you should consider while answering job interview questions is being spontaneous. Some preparation is also important before going for a job interview. Here are some tips which may help you.

    For the first question, you can say that you have got the skills, talent and abilities required to do this job effectively. You can also mention that you've always proved your talent in previous jobs for whichever post you were selected.

    For the second question, you can give tell about everything that you did till today in your career. Include as mush as about your education and professional life in this question.

    For the third question, you can say that you can adapt new environment easily and your this quality will help you in marketing too.

    For the last question, you can that your previous experience will help me in doing this job also. You can say that you were aware about the function of your previous organization. Also, you can say that your finance experience will help in keeping track of payments.

    If you are looking more tips on how to answer job interview questions then you can refer to the following article.

    You can not have a positive life and a negative mind.

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