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    Real time interview questions for networking

    Appearing for a networking based job interview? Find out quickly to know where to obtain some real time interview questions for a networking job.

    Can I get some real time interview questions for networking based on a situation? I want for going for an interview for a fresher based on ccna, ccnp, and also non-technical interview questions. Does anyone have experience in this field? Please give guidance.
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  • First of all most probably they may ask you very friendly questions like about yourself and they may ask:-
    1. Within Upcoming 5 years where would you like to see yourself?
    2. You don't have any Experience how will you manage to work out if you are selected??
    3. For Being Longer time on a Company what qualities or Facilities do you wanna see?
    The following question most probably come:-
    4. Tell me about your ideal job.
    5. Are you a team player?
    (Ans:This is a silly question.You may say yes, no)
    6. Can you draw a diagram on the whiteboard of a network,you've worked on, and explain it to me?
    (Through, the interviewer explore the candidate's knowledge)

    Wish you all the best.
    With regard

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