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    How is the BPO culture? Is it suitable to a vegetarian and teetotaller?

    Worried about whether or not you will fit into the workplace at a BPO due to being a non-party type? Get opinions of others about fitting into the BPO culture.

    I want to know about the work culture in a BPO. Does everyone dance and enjoy in get-togethers and parties that are held at night? I am a non-drinker and vegetarian. So will I be able to adjust in that work culture? Do we need to wear expensive clothes and be well groomed daily? I mean do we need to bleach every day to look handsome?
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  • Not only BPO culture but nowadays trend itself changing in a different way in the name of "Advanced" or Hi-tech era which slowly forgetting their own cultures and traditions.

    If you would like to know about the work culture in a BPO then you have to work and self-analyse about it since it is totally depend on individual thoughts on their work atmosphere, work process (voice or non-voice), shift timings, Management interest, Organization level and so on.

    Does everyone dance and enjoy in get-together and parties that are held at night?
    It is called "Activity" to refresh on work. It is not like that in all the BPO process you have to dance and enjoy but may be for some and it is again depend on Project client's approval and particular process Management's in-charge for it beside Asst Manager Operation cooperation and Team Leader's acceptance for it.

    I am a non-drinker and vegetarian, so will I be able to adjust in that work culture?

    Yes, you can as long as you are not interested to be with them and you can stay away, it is individual's choice and no pressure or force except your friend's compel on it.

    Do we need to wear expensive clothes and be well groomed daily? I mean do we need to bleach every day to look handsome?

    Again, it is up to you but it is better to be with discipline and very simple dress code following.

  • Overall BPO culture is not that great. I am not saying that work is not enjoyable but yes, the culture around can become a reason for you to start hating your job.

    I agree with your doubt that it may not be suitable to vegetarians and teetotaler. You might decide to stay away from all these events and parties but how far you will do that? After all, you need to work with the same people next day. Everyone will tease you for not attending these parties and it will become torture for you.

    Also night shifts are not good as all your routine changes and it just may not fit your family environment. I have seen people ruining their personal life just because of working in a BPO. Its better to get a day job and work for little less salary than to work overnight.

    You don't have to do facial and bleach to look handsome everyday at work but yes formal dressing is a compulsion except on Fridays and weekends. On Fridays and weekends, you can wear casuals but that too decent.

    You can not have a positive life and a negative mind.

  • In this age of technological advancement, you need to update yourself. Indian BPO industry is ever growing and expanding. To attract youngsters into this field, BPO industries are working hard for providing lucrative career opportunities and a youngster-centric work culture.
    This has led to the introduction of in built coffee houses and canteens for employers, accommodation facilities and even condom vending machines for those working in night shifts(Although now it has been closed after strong protest from certain political and social organizations).
    Weekend parties are often organized regularly by some BPOs to keep these employers working in the same industry as the switching rate is very high in BPO industry.
    Although they provide lot of facilities, pay and perks to their employer, they do not force it upon you. Its up to you to avail any service or offer. They would be more than happy if you choose to abstain from all these activities as it save them some cost.
    And a far as your vegetarian credentials are concerned, you are safe in a BPO industry. They don't serve beef, porn or liquor in canteens. They do have some work ethics. All you can find in their canteens is general snacks that can be eaten by a vegetarian.
    In most of the BPOs, there is no dress code, they just ask you to dress "decently" and nothing else. You can choose to be large beard or clean shaven, it doesn't matter as the client is never going to see you in personal.
    A pleasing voice, good English and a convincing personality is all that needs to be a success in BPO industry. Rest depends on your hard work and luck.
    I hope you got the answer.

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