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    What is the regime to be followed to cure sinusitis

    Suffering from constant nasal pain & headaches due to sinusitis? Quick medical guidance is available at this Ask Expert page to know the best way to deal with and cure sinusitis.

    The problem of sinusitis is affecting my normal life. It is such a pain to go through the day owing to throbbing headaches and pain in the nose bridge. These symptoms escalate during the winter. The problem of blocked nasal passage is not that frequent, but I feel very uncomfortable. Often the pain is accompanied by a sleepy sensation.
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  • The best treatment for curing sinusitis is Homeopathy. When I was a kid even I used to have same kind of problem and symptoms. My nose used to be red because of wheezing and my eyebrow portion used to have swelling almost all the time causing frequent headaches. I continued taking Homeopathy for three years and now my sinusitis is completely cured. Now I have no fear to sudden change in climate, ice creams and winter. Regular dosage of homeopathy works on our immune system and remove the roots of the problem.

    You may think that Homeopathy is lengthy process but if you are taking allopathic drugs then you may have instant relief but the problem is not cured completely again at a later stage the problem may reappear. I suggest you to take Homeopathic treatment as it has no side effects and if your suffer severe pain during the course of treatment then for instant relief you can have allopathic medicines as it will not affect Homeopathic treatment.

    So immediately consult a good homeopathic physician.

    R. Gautham Shenoy.

  • Sinusitis is a kind of cold allergy which normally affect our health naturally and it is involved with nerve system. Sinus, it create unnecessary tense to our routine life and gives unnecessary pain at any forehead areas.

    My suggestion for you is to use one Cetrizine tablet (Cipla brand) 1 hour before sleeping, this table makes us sleepy as well. You can use this tablet for few days and I am sure that Sinus won't come again unless if you discontinued tablet consumption once sinus stopped or if you over consume sinus related items (like Ice cream, frozen items, Tea and other cold or sinus items) often. The tablet of Cetrizine should be used one week more even after sinus stopped.

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