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    What is the difference between Fiji Hindi and Indian Hindi?

    Curious to know what is Fiji Hindi and its unique distinction from Indian Hindi? Find out the interesting aspects of Fiji Hindi from the responses in this thread.

    I heard that the Fiji Hindi is one of the official language of Fiji. They treat Hindi as a separate language. I want to know what is the actual difference between Fiji Hindi and Indian Hindi? Are they both distinct languages, just like Urdu? How many Fijians speak Hindi and what all are the other Indian languages spoken in Fiji? How can one learn Fiji Hindi quickly?
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  • I like to answer the following points in brief:-
    1. Fiji Hindi is a mixture form of Awadhi, Bhojpuri and other languages spoken in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
    2. There are some basic difference between Fiji Hindi and Indian Hindi. The pronunciation of 'sh' is 's', 'v' is 'b' and 'ph' is'f' in Fiji Hindi.
    3. Approx 70% Fiji people speak this language.
    4. Other languages spoken in this country are Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam and Urdu.

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