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    Primary aid for heart attack or sudden stroke

    Are you wondering about what to do when you are alone at home and then face a medical emergency like a heart attack and do not know how to survive? Ask here for information and suggestions regarding what one can do when alone and facing a medical emergency.

    If someone is alone at home and getting a sudden heart attack or sudden stroke, and unable to call anyone, then what should be their first step or how can hey protect themselves before reaching to a hospital? Is there any solution about it because heart attack or stroke comes quite suddenly now a days and it is quite dangerous.
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  • Hi,

    The quick recovery or the primary aid for heart attack or sudden stroke is to use aspirin at correct level as suggested by doctor.

    If you realize the symptom, then call 9-1-1. This is emergency number. You will be taken to heart attack care team in hospital through an ambulance. Or else, adjust yourself so that you can ride in a car to hospital.

    To prevent heart attack or stroke, take care of the these things.Maintain your weight and blood pressure. Practice meditation and yoga. Do not drink or smoke.

    Hope I have given you good information.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for posting you this question over here, so that it gives some awareness to all the ISC readers about the survival techniques of Heart Attacks!!

    As per the statistics from Cardiologists, It is often noticed that, Most of the people are alone at home or elsewhere when they got heart stroke. One thing to note is that, the person whose heart is beating improperly and feels weakness, He lose consciousness just in 10 to 15 seconds time. The Heart attack victims can help themselves by following the 2 steps below in sequence repeatedly for every 2 seconds until either he feels his heart beating is normal or gets some help from neighbour.
    1) Take a deep breathe
    2) Cough deep as much as you can

    Deep breathe helps to pump the oxygen to lungs and the prolonged coughing movements crushes the heart and lets blood circulating as usual.

    This way, heart attack victims can survive themselves when they are alone..!

    Note: Readers can share this valuable information with elderly people for whom the internet is out of reach and create awareness on How to survive Heart Attack when Alone .

    K K

  • Heart attack has been a great sickness that killed without informing the carrier. To solve this problem:
    1. The patient should or must eliminate the habits that might have contributed to hypertension.
    2. Follow an exercise regime and weight reduction programme, the latter involving a restricted diet and reduced use of salt.
    3. Hospital rest in emergency followed by use of a relaxation technique
    4. Use of anti-hypertensive drugs, and such other drugs as may be required to control specific underlying conditions.
    5. Regular blood pressure monitoring at home or by GP.

    Adesola Adeyeye

  • It is true that heart attack can occur suddenly. When someone feels sudden chest pain with problem to breath, pain in shoulder, arm or neck, nervousness, sweating, anxiety can be a symptom of heart attack.

    The first thing you need to do is sit down and keep the mind calm. If the person is wearing tight clothes then it is necessary to loosen clothes. As early as possible try to contact nearest hospital or ambulance service. It is advised to keep on coughing to regulate the blood circulation towards the heart.

    Avoid taking any other medication which is not prescribed by doctor. But you can chew a tablet of aspirin which can reduce the risk of heart attack effectively. Continuously take deep breathing until medical service is available.


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