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    How can I solve this health challenge

    Are you looking for information about how to get rid of chronic ailments like cough with pain in chest and weakness? If so, then ask here for opinion and suggestion to start getting better.

    I am seriously ill and it is really making me un -comfortable at my place of work.
    This had been going on for a very long time now and I have taken various self prescribed drugs or medications.
    These are the symptoms;

    1. serious cough which often comes with blood.

    2. pains in the chest with shortness of breath

    3. sweating and feverish at night

    Please what can I do to solve this
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  • The symptoms indicate the chance of Tuberculosis or TB. Consult the doctor immediately. Tuberculosis symptoms are :-
  • Cough from three to four weeks.
  • Pain in chest.
  • Coughing up blood.
  • Weakness.
  • Loss of weight.
  • Tuberculosis should be treated at early stages hence my recommendation is to immediately consult a doctor and have lab check ups prescribed by him. Hope that this is a normal cold and cough but if tuberculosis is found then complete the full course either nine months or 12 months of medicine without missing a single day.

  • Cough with blood is the major symptom of tuberculosis,
    it also leads to weakness.
    As you have done self medication , I would request you to stop it and immediately visit a doctor.

  • The matter can be as simple as a small ulceration somewhere in the space from throat to the lungs . As others said it can indicate Tuberculosis also. It can be said clearly only after a qualified and experienced doctor examines you. Hence do not take chances and make things complicated by your own wild imaginations.

    This scribe can say from experience that sometimes certain symptoms can be deceptive and our own qualified and exaggerated explanation can mislead also. During my early youth, I was 'diagnosed' for Tuberculosis evn after conducting a 'skin' test also and given treatment without much explanation to me. But as I had my own doubts, I took a second opinion when things were going worse, and it ultimately came out that I was having just a viral fever and related issues.

    The 'Tuberculosis diagnosis' was then done after clinical symptoms, ESR test, skin test and even Xray. My goodness so much for the expertise and accuracy'

    Hence I suggest that please meet a qualified and experienced doctor immediately and take the necessary treatment if needed. Please do not try to conclude by your imagination, but apprise the doctor correctly your problems.

  • The way you have stated the health issue is abnormal one seems though and rare it could be of some minor health issue (since recently many affected with cold, cough, dry cough, viral infection, flu and fever etc. for one to three continuous weeks).

    It looks like you are about to have something beginning or initial stage of somewhat major health issue through these symptoms indication, thus I can suggest you to consult with specialists on this and try to avoid self medicine and try to avoid any upcoming major health issue. Health specialists can recognize it by blood check up, x-ray and other related and routine check up to prescribe you.

  • Being an adult you should know the seriousness of issues than taking self-prescribed medicines. That is the reason we have doctors who have to study for 5 years!


  • Please do not ignore your health condition; it can lead to serious problem. The most common reason for coughing blood can be acute bronchitis. Bronchitis generally gets cured without much treatment.

    But if the condition continues more than one week then it is necessary to see the doctor. The symptoms like shortness of breath, sweating, feverish feel, chest pain and weight loss can be a signal of serious conditions like, infections or lung cancer.

    It can be a early stage of tuberculosis or any type of autoimmune condition. Some time the condition is not identified in early stages so it is advisable to meet the physician as early as possible and start with the check up process and medication.


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