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    I need help with my online income calculation problem

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    Hello all, I'm Jenna I love taking photos and do a lot of photo shots with animals and do some car shows as well. I'm old and I don't want to tell my age because for some of you my problem may sound funny.

    Now a few weeks (3 exactly) back I found a way how to earn some money with my passion (photos), I have to upload around 12 pictures per day to earn 7-15$ dollars a day, now my problem is simple I use tool called instaprofitgram you can see video here! It pays for Instagram pictures/canvas what you upload to Instagram I have good follower base of 219 people and I as I said upload around 10 pictures per day, problem is I can't get higher payouts daily. Is that amount limited to payout or something? I try to upload 20 - 30 pictures per day but still no luck same 9-10$ a day with no higher payout. Anyway can I increase payout or it's maximum limit per day?
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  • Maybe you can check with them (Instagram help or Forums) for further information on your issue. Anyway have you ever actually received (and been able to make use of) your earnings as well? If yes is the answer, then I would suggest you to explore further avenues for increasing your earnings with them. I am saying this because I myself do not have any experience with this type of online work (or freelancing as you say), but I have been a victim of Paid to Click (sites) fraud. So, the general advise be careful for fulfilling your desires and dreams about online earning.

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