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    What is the reason for back pain at the age of 20 and how is it treated

    Want to know the reason for back pain at a young age and the treatment for the same, find the expert suggestions here.

    I am just getting into age of twenty and I am suffering from back pain these days. I used to sit for a long time and is that a reason for this pain. Or else what could be the reason for the back pain. How should I get treatment for it. Is there any home remedies or exercises for it?
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  • Dear Sabeel,
    The most common cause of back pain at the age of around 20 year is postural or traumatic. You have mentioned in your question that you have used to sitting for a long time in same position. so it may be a cause for it or u may have history of injury in past. Back pain may be due to other cause like genitourinary diseases, functional , osteomalacia, or any malignant disease, strain, sprain, tuberculosis, vertebal fracture etc.
    Yes, there is exercises for back pain.
    For treatment of back pain various aspects are there.
    1. Rest: In severe pain absolute bed rest.
    2. Drugs: Analgesic and muscle relaxant.
    3. physiotherapy: Heat therapy, hot packs,
    4. traction

    With Regards,
    Hiren Patel.

  • Common reason for back pain in younger age is posture. Long working hours that needs sitting adds to the problem.

    What you can do is:
    - Check your sitting posture and correct it. Use a cushion if needed and keep your seat adjusted properly.
    - Take break every hour and get up from your sit, take a small walk on the floor
    - Drink lots of water
    - Have back massage once in a while, it will help you relax and provide lubrication to muscles
    - Check out yoga for back pain like Talasana, Parivrtta trikonasana, Marjariasana, Bitilasana, Ardh mukha savanasana, Pashchimottanasana, Pavanmuktasana, Supth Vakrasana, Bujanhgasana
    - Make sure to warm up and stretch before and after exercise

    If the pain get severe, please see the doctor.


  • There are many reasons stated above by the expert, may be one of them that you are facing in this age 20. My opinion on your issue is like either you must have some gastric / nerve related issue or physical weakness. Another reason could be like riding small two / four wheels vehicle which have weaken shock absorbs.

    It is also general that one shouldn't sit for a long time, try to divert the attention and move the physical a little bit like walking once in a hour. Also, try to diagnose from the specialist before taking any action for the back pain in this age.

  • There are many reasons for getting back pain at your age.

    1. You need to change your sitting/sleeping posture.
    2. Need to take food which contains high calcium, because calcium will give strength to bones.
    3. Need to do regular exercises to be fit. There are some exercises which can be helpful to control your back pain.
    4. Drink more water
    5. If you are working, do take breaks for every hour and have a small walk.
    6. Sometimes you will get back pains because of the shape of bed where you are sleeping.

    Manila N

  • Sitting posture is the main reason for back pain in your age group individuals. Vitamin D deficiency which is a carrier of Calcium to needy bones is also one of the major reasons for bad health of bones. Try the following :
    1. Use Slanting Writing Desk on table while studying or working on computer so that you sit straight and do not lean over the book, laptop of computer.
    2. Use Good Quality Chair which can support your spine and buttocks in the most comfortable position. Armed Chairs are better than unarmed chairs.
    3. Use the Shoes or Chappals which work as shock absorber while you are on the move so that none of your knee joints or back get unnecessary jerks.
    4. Sometimes unnecessary tensions also add to the backache. Lead a good LifeStyle.
    5. Consult a good Orthopaedician who may get your neck and spine x-rayed to check any onset of osteoporosis due to deficiency of calcium or x-ray may reveal any unknown internal injury.
    5. Ultrasound is also suggested to rule out kidney stones or gall bladder stones, which are sometimes the source of back pain.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Back pain is now common not only among elders but also on younger people.
    The reason could be as others stated is due to sitting position,sleeping position and less activities. Of course it could be due to bike or car driving as well.
    Instead of having medicines to boost your stamina and muscles you can go for home based remedies like including honey,milk,cheese,egg and dates to your diet.
    I personally suggest you to do massage either with mustard seeds or KALOJI (black seed) oil or seeds.If you are using seeds,you can put 1 cup of seeds into any socks and tie it tightly with rubber band.And then heat any tawa keep the filled socks on it and once its warm you can apply on your back.Do it for a week and you will see the difference.

  • Please do not ignore your health condition; it can lead to serious problem. The most common reason for coughing blood can be acute bronchitis. Bronchitis generally gets cured without much treatment.

    But if the condition continues more than one week then it is necessary to see the doctor. The symptoms like shortness of breath, sweating, feverish feel, chest pain and weight loss can be a signal of serious conditions like, infections or lung cancer.

    It can be a early stage of tuberculosis or any type of autoimmune condition. Some time the condition is not identified in early stages so it is advisable to meet the physician as early as possible and start with the check up process and medication.


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