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    What is the difference between first name, middle name and last name

    Thoroughly confused about filling in your name identity in the requisite boxes when registering for a bank account? Get proper guidance in the responses to your query to know how to fill in your full name correctly in any application form.

    I am always confused in all registration processes.
    Now I am applying for an SBI Savings Account. Here I am supposed to fill first name, middle name and last name. But I am very much confused about it.
    My Surname is "ABC"
    My name is "DEF"
    Can anyone tell me what should I fill in the middle field?
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  • Generally, the following convention is followed for filling up the different name fields for any bank form or similar forms:

    • You can fill your name in the First Name field.

    • You can fill your family surname in the Last Name field. Your family surname will be common for you, your parents and your siblings (unmarried).

    • You need to fill your father's name in the Middle Name field.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • I think you are Telugu. Generally, Telugu people will have their name and sir name(which is called house name). They won't have any father's name in between. If we don't have any middle name, we have to leave it blank and fill the first name and last name field. But if you have any name like this: Srinivasa Rao Thatigundla. The first name will be "Srinivasa", middle name will be "Rao" and last name will be "Thatigundla".

  • Thanks for your answer. Bhakti Savla and Bhuvaneswara Rao Nalla. Yes I am from Andhra Pradesh. I am Telugu person. So, I should not fill middle name because I don't use it.

    Thanks regards,
    Thatigundla Harsha Naidu.

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  • Basically Last name is the surname which is either taken from the surname of your father or home etc. There is no confusion in the first name. The middle name can be seen from example - Ram Prasad Srivastava. Here First Name is Ram, Middle name is Prasad and Last name is Srivastava.

  • First is the one which is given to you when you born. Last name/surname is either your family name or your father name. For example in Tamilnadu we do use father name as last name but in Andhrapradesh they use their family name as last name.

    For example consider the name "Shiva Kumar Naidu", here Shiva is the first name people may prefer to call him with this. Kumar is the middle name many peoples will not have this. Naidu is last name.

    In you care you do not have any middle name. You can just leave that field as blank. Your first name would be Harsha and last name is Thatigundla.

    Manila N

  • I also felt this problem when filling up some of the application forms.
    As far as I understand the first name is the name given to you at the time of 'naming ceremony'. Last name is the house or family name. When father's name is also there it will be the middle name.


  • You have stated that your surname is "Thatigundla". your name as "Harsha.

    When you are applying for SBI savings accounts, you mention in first name as "Thatigundla" middle name as"father's name" and the last name is "Harsha" your name.

    It is simple.

  • This is a very common question. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the best Indian batsman. In his name Sachin is first name Ramesh is middle name and Tendulkar is last name. For you your first name will be Harsha and last name will be Thatigundla. Please left middle name column blank. This will be same for all registration filled by you.

  • Hi friend,

    I will give you a clarity of this First Name,Last Name,Middle Name with an example.

    Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the name I considered for giving the example.

    First Name---Sachin
    Last Name---Tendulkar
    Middle Name---Ramesh

    All the persons will have first Name and Last Name but there can be a middle name or can not be in some cases.
    I think now you are clear with First Name,Last Name and also Middle Name.

  • The last name is your family name. The first name is the one that you answer to. Nagaraj would be your FIRST name and Chellappan would be your LAST. A center name is only a subsequent first name. It is discretionary. Surname is the equivalent (apparently) as the last name.

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