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    What is the difference between and

    Not sure if and are two different blogging platforms? Check out the responses below to know the difference between these two blogging platforms.

    WordPress is a community driven blogging platform that can be used by individuals, professionals, and even by small or large businesses. It has its own Pros and Cons as compared to other Blogging Platforms like Blogger or Joomla.

    But recently I have heard that and as two different things. I am confused and don't understand what is the difference between these two. Can you explain what are the distinguishing features of and, and also state which is better for which type of functionality?
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  • WordPress offers two types of blogging platforms. One is free and comes under In this type of blog, you can use all the free functionality of WordPress with blog URL like -

    The other one offers paid services of the Wordpress platform. On this platform, a user has to register his own Wordpress domain. Also one has to use some paid or free Wordpress templates for the blog.

    For beginners, It is good to use a free Wordpress blog first. A professional blogger or company can opt for the paid version of Wordpress which fully customizabale and powerful.

    Sabrez Alam
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  • There are many differences:
    1. You can not display your adsense ads or even 3rd party ads on your blog at whereas you can integerate Google Adsense Publisher Plug in on your self hosted domain through
    2. Wordpress plug ins can be installed on self hosted wordpress site whereas blog does not have this facility.
    3. In the beginning it is better to have blog at the Totally Free and switch over to customised Paid Domain name after gaining experience.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Dear Sabrez,

    According to the research I have done, I am sorry to say that the answer you have made is wrong. and both are blogging platforms but offers free blogging facility with a URL like You can use free or paid Templates or themes on your blog. On the other hand is a software application that has to be installed on a self managed or hosted server, and then it can be used to manage a blog with a Custom Domain only. blogs / websites do not have a or URL extension. Moreover, blogs are semi-customizable where as you have full control over your website managed through For example source code modification and editing can only be done at the blog managed through, according to the information I have gathered from the internet.

    Another difference I have come to know is that Plugins for additional functionality can only be added at You cannot add plugins at blogs, except when you've obtained a custom domain for your blog hosted at (Remember a Plugin is an additional functionality providing source such as third party gadgets or Google AdSense Ads)

    Let's see if any other experienced member can come up and testify or explain some other features, characteristics and differences between a blog and a blog.

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