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    Why my fan revolves in the opposite direction

    Having problems with your fan's functioning in the correct way? Get troubleshooting tips to pinpoint the problem and have it resolved.

    My fan was fitted before ten years and it was working very well till a few days. One day I heard a sparking sound from it and then it started moving backwards for some time, when I switched it on. After that it stopped working. Can anybody tell me what is the reason for it and what parts of it is affected?
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  • Hello sabeel
    The working principle of fan is based on double field revoving theory. According to this whenever we apply voltage to stator winding then its generate a pulshting type flux. Due to this there are two flux. First is rotating in clockwise direction and vice versa. And motor rotate in resultant direction.
    As you tell that your fan is ten years old. So sparking is due to any fault in fan. But when you rotated it in opposite direction,its starting wind flux and running winding flux are opposes to each other.
    So winding of should damage or capacitor is expired.

  • It is possible that recently someone have given wiring connection wrongly without your knowledge, thus it is revolves in the opposite direction or clockwise direction.

  • Dear friend,

    This same problem was happened in my house. After that I was studied the reason. It because your wiring was wrong. There are some method to solve this problem.

    1. Just remove your fan from wall.

    2. Check the wiring and the passing of electric current.

    3.After that connect your fan with suitable wires. Then switch on your fan and enjoy.

  • There is only the reason of moving your fan anticlockwise because capacitor connected to it is overcharged and it get failed working in right direction. Now the electric charging was filled in capacitor so for a while it get rotate in that direction. so replace capacitor connected to your fan and it will work normally as it will move in clockwise direction. and your problem will be solved. Thanks & regards, Kamlesh Kumar

  • Dear friend,

    There must be problem in the wiring and capacitor of your fan.
    As your fan is 10 years old, so you must replace its Capacitor.
    You must change the capacitor and check the wiring of the fan.
    After that switch on the fan, the fan will rotate in Anti-clockwise direction.

    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

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