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    Which are Diwali special recipes or dishes

    Looking for unique Diwali recipes? Check out the responses below which provide a variety of Diwali recipes which are the usual ones.

    I wanted to know some Diwali special recipes. I'm just fed up of the regular recipes and wanted to prepare some unique recipes for my family for this Diwali. I searched a lot for Diwali special recipes but my search ends with maximum same recipes which I know already.
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    The lots of foods and dishes are prepared for the Diwali festival. It is upto you that what kind of dishes you like the most. It is advisable to make dishes at home.
    Here I like to share my favourite sweet-

    1. 'Pede'

    Milk powder (400grm.)
    Sugar (200grm.)
    Milk cream (4spoon)
    Ghee (4-5 spoon) (home made or 'desi ghee).

    First of all mix the sugar, milk powder and milk cream well. The mixture should in some thick form. Take a bowl and put some oil on the base of bowl and put the mixture into bowl. Now take a pressure cooker and put two glass of water in it. Now place the bowl in the cooker so thàt you can steam the mixture till the cooker make 2 whistles.
    Now take off the mixture from the steamer and put the mixture into a pan or cauldron. Now cook the mixture for 10-15 minutes on slow heat. After cook it for 10-15 minutes off the heat and let the mixture to luke warm. Now make the balls (pede).

    You can mix the crushed dry fruits in the mixture as you like.

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    You may try this snack called ring chips with rice powder.
    Rice powder 1 cup
    Chilly powder 1 table spoon
    Asafetodia 1 teaspoon
    Salt as needed
    Water 1 cup
    Oil for deep frying.
    Bring the water to boil with salt and take it in a vessel.Add the rice powder and mix well with spoon till it becomes thick.
    Then knead well,with hand.If sticky,you can add more rice powder such that you have to make a small balls from the dough.Simultaneously add chilly powder and asafetodia.
    Make small balls from it,Take each ball and roll it with your palm like "one shape".Then bend the portion such that both sides are joined and it forms O shape.
    Fry in oil and serve.

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    You have not mentioned that you want to know Diwali recipes of which region? But still you can refer below ISC articles which are written by me and can be good option of Diwali recipes.

    1. Recipe of Oats Chivda.

    2. Recipe of Poha Chivda

    3. Recipe of Coconut Burfi

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    Diwali special recipe you can try is given below:-

    Gulab Jamun

    Ingredients Quantity
    White flour - 75gram
    Sugar - 75gram
    Cardamom Powder - a pinch
    Arrowroot - 10 gm
    Water - 35ml
    Rose water - Few Drops
    Soda Bicarbonate - A Small Pinch
    Fat to Fry


    1) Prepare a syrup of the one-string consistency with water and sugar. Add rose water. It will enhance its taste. and the smell.
    2) Pass the flour through a sieve. Add crushed cardamoms, sieved arrowroot and a little cold water in which the soda bicarbonate has been dissolved.
    3) Make a soft dough without kneading, Otherwise the Gulab Jamun become stiff.
    4)Divide into equal portions and shape into small balls.
    5)Fry in deep fat till light brown. The frying should be done on a very slow fire and the fat should be stirred constantly.
    6) Remove, cool for a short while and put into the cold syrup.The delicious and sweet dish is ready to serve.

    Please try the recipe, given above, I am sure you will like it.

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    Diwali recipe you can try Jalebi:


    Jalebi is a very sweet and mouth watering sweet recipe.The preparation method is simple and anyone can prepare at home with few ingredients.

    Ingredients Quantity

    Maida - 2 cups
    Sugar - 1/2 cup
    Water - 1 and 1/4 cups
    Curd - 1/4 cup
    Rose water - 1 tsp
    Soda Bicarbonate - A pinch
    Oil - For Deep Frying
    Salt - A pinch

    Method to prepare:

    1)Take a pan and mix the flour, salt and curd to get a thick batter.

    2)Allow the mixture to ferment for 7 hours.

    3)Boil the sugar and water to get syrup.Let it cool and add the rose water to this.

    4) To the batter add the soda powder and mix well.

    5) In a pan, heat the oil for deep-frying and force the batter through a piping bag to form spirals.

    6) Deep fry till golden brown.

    7)Now, soak the crispy spirals into the sugar syrup.The tasty Jalebi is ready to serve.

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    Recipe for Paneer imarti -
    Ingredients for making this sweet dish are as follows -
    1. Paneer - 200 gms.
    2. Maida (all purpose flour) - 50 gms.
    3. Cardamom(elaichi) powder - 1/4 teaspoon
    4. Saffron - 1/4 teaspoon
    5. Ghee for frying
    6. Sugar - 250 gms
    7. Khoya(mawa) - 50 gms.

    Method -
    Mash the paneer well with your fingers. Add cardamom powder, some water and all purpose flour to it and prepare a soft and thick mixture.
    Now heat ghee in a pan. Now keep the mixture in a cloth which has a hole and tie the cloth making a cone like structure now make round imartis directly in the hot ghee and fry them. Take out the imartis and keep them aside.
    Take another pan add water and sugar in it and make the sugar syrup. Dip the imartis in it. Serve these imartis hot.

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