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    How to create clickable text for my story

    Want to know how to create clickable links to your web posts? Find the expert suggestions here.

    I am not able to create clickable text for my story meant for TOW contest. Since I am participating for the first time, suggest how to create clickable shortcut to my story for the contests. Since today is the last date for submission of entry for contest I need a quick answer.
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  • You have to type the following HTML tag, to create a clickable text for your story
    a href=
    "HTML code of the page where your story is posted"
    Title of your story

    Points to be noted
    * Put all the above items continuously is same line
    * Replace HTML code of the page where your story is posted, by the same of yours and Title of your story by yours.

    Hopes you understood, how to create link. Even if you did not understand, Don't Worry.

    I think, even if you just paste the html code of your story page, as it is, as response to the contest thread, your entry, will be considered for the contest.

  • When I joined the site in December,2012 I faced the similar problem of creating clickable links. I raised the similar question and the then Lead Editor Ankit in his post number #377427 clarified the issue and informed that I was using the word herf instead of href while creating the clickable links to My Articles and Resources at IndiaStudyChannel.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Html tags used for creating links are a and /a. The a tag indicates the start of link and the /a indicates the end of the link.
    Any text between these two tags will work as a link. The target of the link is added to the a tag using href.

    Vivek Chalotra
    Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

  • Hello.
    We can create a clickable text in our article by using html. Use below line for your problem.
    <a href ="url">Text </a>

    Prabhat Jani

  • You can create clickable or anchor link with the HTML tag below-


    Key Notes - Replace { } with < >.

    Bold text are the main HTML tags.

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