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    How to control effects of thyroid?

    Worried about effects of food on the thyroid gland? Get expert advice on the right diet to avoid thyroid related problems.

    What we do to control thyroid effects in our body? Which type of food we should have to take in our diet? How much quantity of dry food we should add in our daily routine?
    How much quantity of water we should take in a day?
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  • Thyroid is a gland which produce Thyroxine hormone. Thyroxine is also known as growth hormone because it exerts a great impact on growth and metabolism. The question you asked is little confusing. Actually in general we don't need to worry about thyroid. Lack of Iodine in diet and some physiological conditions like pregnancy affects thyroxine production in thyroid gland. Also, we need Iodine in traces which we get easily from our daily diet and Iodised salts, still some seafoods are significant source of Iodine.

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  • Thyroid condition can be of two types that is Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. The general effects of thyroid which can be seen are weight loss or weight gain, dryness of skin, hair fall and hair thinning, loss of memory, effect on eyesight etc.

    Sometimes it can be a problem of pregnancy too. The proper and regular medication with the advice of your physician is necessary in this medical condition.

    Thyroid patients should avoid extra intake of salt in diet. Iodine is necessary nutrient for thyroid functioning. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to hyperthyroidism.

    So it is necessary to consume vitamin D supplementary for thyroid patients. You can include fatty fish, milk, dairy products, eggs and mushroom in your diet to get vitamin D.

    Selenium is another component for regularize thyroid functioning. Consume tune, crab and lobster to get it.


  • Thyroid gland is responsible for the regulation of our thyroid mechanism. There are two type of disorders namely hypothyroid in which case ther is less secretion of thyroid hormone and the other one is related to execessive secretion of thyroxine hormone. In both the cases entire body metabolism is distorted.In hypothyroid,weight- gain ,indigestion,swelling of the face are noticeable where as in hyperthyroid loose motion, weight loss ,lack of sleep are observed.To detect the abnormality of thyroid, pathological test relating to thyroid profile is being carried out and the presence of T3 ,T 4 , and TSH are ascertained. Accordingly medicine is prescribed and the same is to be taken on regular basis for regulation of the dis order. In hypothyroidism thyronorm ranging from .10 to 2.0 is administered depending upon severity of case. Black pepper is the chief source of iodine and hence it can be taken up daily in case of hypothyroid . For hyperthyroid cases goose berry does have beneficial effect.

  • Thyroid is a common disease in the neck problem. They can cause because of under function of the thyroid glands. It is a butterfly shaped glands in the front of the neck. It has important roles to regulate numerous metabolic which maintain a body and hormones. This disease can also lead to enlarge of the glands in the neck, it can cause directly increase of the organs in such as difficulty swallowing and discomfort in front of the neck. Stage by stage it will increase and last by in the thyroid cancer to be induced it. It is due to impurity in blood which cause imbalance of the body and neck. It will cure in ayurvedic medicine as possible to completely cure. It mention in the symptoms and ayurvedic medicine and home remedies and as follows.


    1. weight gain
    2. anorexia
    3. weakness
    4. reduced in activity
    5. loss of cheerfulness
    6. high pulse rate and weight loss

    Ayurvedic medicine:

    This medicine has no side effects and it will cure in thyroid problems all.

    1. Chanderprabha vati Tablets – twice a day after food
    2. Hakam Churna powder 1 teaspoon twice a day after food
    3. Kanchanara Leaves
    4. Guggulu oleoresin
    5. Ashwagandha Root
    6. Brahmi leaves
    7. Punarnava leaves

    Treatment and home remedies

    1. Take healthy and controlled proper diet. It will make immune systems strong.

    2. Walnut oil increase in the metabolism rate in the body.

    3. Jalakumbhi leaves mix with water and paste it will placed on any swollen due to goiter can help of bring down the swelling in the thyroid.

    4. This juice of the jalakumbhi leaves to increase iodine level in the body it will consume.

    5. Foods such as pumpkin, green leafy vegetables and carrots in vitamin B as high and it will balanced function of the thyroid glands in the neck glands.

    6. Herbal tea with ginger to drink it will cure the thyroid function of the glands.

    7. Avoid beverages like, coffee, carbonated drink and alcohols.

    8. You can do this yoga asanas as pranayam and padmasanas to be restore in the balanced function of the thyroid glands.

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