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    How to check a blog's ranking and traffic

    Want to know your blog's rank and also find out how much traffic it generates? Find out from our experts the best online tools to check a blog's rank and number of visitors.

    I want to check my blog's ranking, traffic and visitor's history but I don't know how to check it. Experts suggest me how to check blog or website's ranking and also suggest how to track blog / website visitors so that I can target specific visitors. If you know some other ways to track visitors of blog / website share here.
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  • There are many ways to check the rank, status and traffic of your site. For example you can:
    1. Check it in Google Analytics after verifying ownership of your site is webmaster tools.
    2. You can download and install Chrome SEO Toolbar (formerly known as PageRank Status) which will enable you to check the following statuses:

    a) SEO Status
    b) Traffic Status
    c) Site Info
    d) Page Info
    e) Link Status
    f) Page Speed
    g) Tools

    Moreover under each of the above main status there are 10-20 other statuses taking total status to around 100 statistical datas. For example SEO Status will tell you Alexa Traffic Rank, Complete Traffic Rank, Google Page Rank, Geographical informations, IP addresses and pages indexed by major search engines. Try installing SEO Toolbar from Chrome extension and check the status you want about your blog or site yourself. You will be thrilled to see the analytics of your website and take remedial steps.

    Try to check Page Rank of any page of your website at :

    Ashok Goyal

  • Hello.
    Follow these steps for getting high rank.
    1. Submit your blog in measure search engine like google,yahoo and bing.
    2. Claim your site at alexa. Also install alexa toolbar. Add an alexa widget box in blog.
    3. Use google webmaster tool.

    Prabhat Jani

  • Alexa and other toolbars give fake traffic data. Only the traffic analytics script like Google analytics or woopra type services can tell you the real traffic of those sites. Unless that data is shared to you, the real traffic is not known at all. As for the SEO ranking, the toolbars from SEO Books and similar other SEO toolbars and addons on firefox and chrome can help you. I think you should download such addon for firefox and give it a shot. Just make sure that such addons often have adware enabled inside them. So take reviews into consideration before using any one of them.

  • Hello friend,
    If you have created your blog in blogger platform then it is very easy to check how much traffic is coming, from where they came, which site is referring more traffic etc.
    In blogger you can get these traffic information in stats section for your blog.

    If you are not a blogger user or you have a website then you can use Google Analytics to track rank and traffic information.

    To increase your website ranking in search engine and get more visitors, learn and apply SEO techniques.



  • There are various popular ways of checking the website traffic and website ranking online. Some useful tools or websites to check traffic or rank are listed below:

    • Use Webmaster tools / Google Analytics.

    • Try out Web CEO online tool.

    • Use StatCounter for periodic analysis of your web traffic and page views.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Hello.
    Every blogger want to check traffic and ranking from different ways. Here i am going to point a list of top ranking checker tools.
    3. Google trends for websites
    6. Youtube views
    7. Post comment

    By these ways, you can know your blog ranking.

    Prabhat Jani

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