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    Is it good to drink soda after having food for better digestion?

    Wondering whether a soda based drink is good to have after meals? Know the true facts vs myths about soda based drinks and their effects.

    Is it good to drink soda for better digestion after every meal?
    What is the main purpose of taking soda based soft drinks? Is it just to fulfill thirst or for better digestion? Are there any bad effects of Soda based soft drink on our body and stomach?
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  • After meal, you are always advisable to have a gap for atleast 15-20 minutes even before drinking water. Thge logic behind this is, when you start eating your food, digestive juice starts to secrete for digestion and if you drink water in betwwen, this will dilute the digestive juices and you may face problem in digestion.
    Specialists usually suggest to have any fluid atleast 30-45 minutes before and after your meal.
    When the questions comes to Soda, I do not think that it is good your normal digestion and it must not be cool as cold drinks after meals allowed the fats to freeze down in your food vessels.Doctors suggest to have a lime water/leuk warm water after meal for good digection. Lime gives acid for fats digestion and warm water helps to moves the ingested food ahead for digestion.


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  • It is a widespread misconception that drinking soda after meals helps in digestion.In real soda have a basic pH value which reacts with acidic gastric juice in our stomach and neutralizes it.Thus it may cause indigestion, After meals It only helps in gastritis or in acid reflex.

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  • Soda water is carbon dioxide dissolved in water under pressure. It is a very weak acid. Certain foods due to the method of preparation and the ingredients added in them need some weak acid to counter act their effects. The acid already secreted inside may not be sufficient for that. In such cases a glass of soda apparently gives relief.

    However the main feeling of relief and comfort after taking soda subsequent to a heavy meal or during a sense of discomfort in stomach, is mainly coming from the 'escape gas'.

    As soda contains carbon dioxide dissolved under pressure, when pressure is released the excess gases come out in small bubbles.

    From stomach also they come out, and when they come out, some intestinal of stomach gas trapped inside also escape with them. This gives a sense of relief. Soda also if taken in more quantity is not good. It causes discomfort and lack of appetite and 'swollen' feeling inside.

  • It is not wise to drink soda after every meal for digestion but rare can be used with some gap of lunch or meal had time to avoid acidity issue.

    If one had heavy meal which natural system usually won't temporary help to digest the food then one can take soda that too after 30 minutes gap of lunch or meal taken. Too much of anything then good for nothing, it applies to soda as well, it is better to use soda when really necessary to suit your body / health.

  • If you are a soft drink lover then soda can be replace for that which gives you good taste, help to reduce the gas from your body and benefit for your health as it has less calorie than comparing other soft drinks.

    But you should not make it habit as it has no nutritional value,and by regularizing drink instead of increase your digestion, the carbon in your body increase which help to store fat in your body.As it is acid based drink it weak your teeth and bones.

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  • soda based drinks are not good for your stomach and body. The phosphoric acid in soda can lead to weakness of bones and damage the teeth. The artificial sweeteners present in soda based drink can damage your oral health and can lead you towards weight gain.

    When you are gaining extra weight because of soda consumption, it can leave an adverse effect on your heart also. The risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke are the fears caused by excess soda consumption.

    It has been also proved that soda consumption can also cause blood pressure. It can also cause increase of blood glucose which can cause diabetes. Thus instead of consuming soda based soft drinks daily prefer fresh lemon or fruit juice.


  • For better digestion you just go for some hot drinks like Tea, Coffee, or Hot water.It give a better result to your digestion. But soda is only to remove the gas from your body its also not necessary for vegetarian, If you take a heavy non veg meals it create some gastric problem in your stomach. On that time only you need a soda to take out the gas from your body. But taking often is not good for your body.
    Keep your Digestion Better,

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