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    What are the foods to avoid during pregnancy?

    Experiencing your first pregnancy? Know all about the right nutrition and diet for pregnant women, including which foods to strictly avoid during the various trimesters.

    This is my first pregnancy. I want to know that is it safe to eat egg and paneer during pregnancy? How often I can take non-vegetarian food? What are the foods to avoid during pregnancy? Suggest me some diet plan to take 1st trimester, 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.
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  • You haven't mentioned whether you are in 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester.

    During pregnancy, the body undergoes fast changes and you need to be extra careful in your lifestyle and eating habits and concentrate on the well being of the arrival of the new member into your family. There is no much of restriction for eating foods and you can have anything you like but keep in mind that you need to eat healthy food stuffs. I have no idea about non-vegetarian foods as I am a pure veggie.

    Foods to consume:
    Increase the intake of foods rich in proteins, iron, folic acid and calcium. You can eat lots of fruits, nuts, veggies, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products.

    Take fresh foods and consume health drinks prescribed by your gynecologist.

    Foods to avoid:
    Avoid taking junk foods, canned foods, foods with added preservatives, coffee, tea, cold beverages, carbonated soft drinks. Avoid taking papaya, sesame seeds (til), asafoetida (hing) and jaggery (gur) in the 1st and 2nd trimester.

    During the 1st trimester, you can get moving normally and involve yourself in activities provided your health condition is normal. Get enough rest and eat normally but with extra care. Always remember that you are carrying a life within and so take every step with extra caution.

    In the 2nd trimester, you might crave for some foods, so don't over control yourself but take whatever you feel like having but with a little extra care, eat healthy food stuff.

    Visit you doctor from timely check-ups and do follow the doctors instructions which is of utmost importance. Keep walking with an companion by your side as walking is the best exercise not only for pregnant ladies but for everyone.

    Please go through this link to know more about what to do when you are a pregnant.

    Congratulations on being a pregnant and wish you good luck for a safe delivery.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Pregnancy is the very beautiful phase in woman's life. So proper diet/ balance diet is require in those days. So I would suggest you that if you will meet any dietitian then you will get apt advice.

  • Hi, congrats for your pregnancy. Of course you can eat eggs and paneer. They are highly nutritious and are also recommended in pregnancy. Below is a list of items to eat and avoid in pregnancy.

    To Eat:

    1. You should eat home cooked food. It is not that you need to totally avoid outside food, once a month or occasionally you can have some fast food but do not eat it often. Home cooked food is fresh, nutritious and hygienic.

    2. Eat all kinds of food vegetarian as well as non vegetarian. You need all kind of nutrients at this time, so eat all types of food. Since non-vegetarian food has more fats and there is a risk of infection if non-veg item is not well prepared or not of good quality so it is better to keep its consumption to once or twice a week. Purchase from a good place and prepare non-vegs well and do not eat anything raw.

    3. Include fruits in your diet. It is recommended to eat fruits daily. It is better to avoid drinking fruit juice from outside as there is a risk of infection. Eat whole fruit or prepare juice at home which is clean and hygienic.

    4. Eat all sorts of vegetables.

    5. Include milk, paneer, eggs in your diet as they are rich in calcium which you require a lot in pregnancy.

    To avoid:

    1. Avoid uncooked or raw food items.

    2. Avoid outside fruit juices.

    3. Avoid eating fruits like papaya, pineapple as they contain enzymes which can lead to miscarriage. Tough raw forms of these fruits are bad but it is better to avoid these.

    4. Avoid fast foods but you can occasionally take them.

    5. Do not eat any medicine in pregnancy. Always ask your doctor in case you want to take medicine for any purpose.

    6. Do not over eat. People will tell you that you should eat for two but it is nothing like that. Eat as much as you can eat but do not over load your stomach. Over eating is bad for you and your baby's health.

    7. Avoid coffee, tea, cold drinks. You can have them just limit there intake to 1-2 cups a day.

    So its just healthy food containing all sorts of stuff with some extra care taken regarding the quality and hygiene of food items. Eat what you like in whatever quantity you like. Don't pressurize yourself. Just eat and drink good and enjoy this time.


  • It is very important for you to take care of food intake when you are pregnant. The food which you eat directly affects the growth of your baby inside. Be selective about your diet which should be rich in vitamin, mineral,folic acid and iron.

    The products like buttermilk, curd, paneer are rich in calcium, protein and vitamin B-12 which is essential for your body during pregnancy. Eat good quantity of cereals, whole grains, dals, pulses and nuts which can provide you good quantity of proteins.

    If you are non vegetarians then you can get a good amount of proteins through eggs, meat, poultry and fish. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables which are the great source of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

    Drink lots of fluid like water and fresh fruit juices. Always prefer drinking clean and boiled water. Avoid excess consumption of Ghee, butter, coconut milk, oil or vanaspati ghee which is high in saturated fats and trans fats. Instead you can use vegetable oil which contains unsaturated fats.


  • Hi,
    Pregnancy is a very merry period in a woman's life. To keep yourself and your little one healthy some precaution must be taken.

    The foods to avoid during pregnancy are:

    1. All cheeses except for mozzarella cheese, processed cheese spreads, goat's cheese, paneer, and the other hard cheeses.
    2. Never have any raw or not properly cooked egg or meat which may cause food poisoning.
    3. Restrict liver consumption such as liver sausages, as liver contains a lot of vitamin A which may harm the baby.
    4. Too much caffeine can be the enemy of your baby! It may result in the low growth of your baby's height and weight.
    5. Never have raw or unpasteurized milk.
    6. Never have swordfish.
    7. A strict no to papaya.
    8. Avoid artificial juices.

    To Have :

    1. Have soft ice creams as they eliminate the food poisoning.
    2. Consume plenty of green tea.
    3. Devour peanuts.
    4. Have buttermilk.
    5. All green leafy vegetables.
    6. Consume boiled water.
    7. Have more calcium and minerals.

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    During pregnancy, the body undergoes fast changes and you need to be extra careful in your lifestyle and eating habits and concentrate on the well being of the arrival of the new member into your family. Click Here

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