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    What are the requirements to plant a papaya tree?

    Want to start growing a papaya tree in your home garden? Check out the gardening tips provided below to know the soil and other requirements for planting and growing a papaya tree.

    I want to plant papaya tree in my garden. Can any one suggest me how to plant it and what are the basic needs of a healthy papaya tree? Is it expensive or it is cheap? Does it grow in any kind of soil pr does it need any particular care for giving good papaya?
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  • Growing papaya is easy than you think. Take seeds from papaya fruit or buy seeds from the shop. Dig hole and place the seed in it. Pour some water before closing with sand. Then put sand above the seed soaked in water. Pour water everyday for a month. You will see the plant grows within a month if the soil is fertile.

    Usually papaya plants grows well in hot climate (temperature above 28 degree celcius). Once the plant grows pour less amount of water. Roots will rot if you pour more water.

  • Growing a papaya tree is very cheap. You do not have to make much wffort while growing the papaya tree. Papaya tree can be grown from the seeds of papaya bought from local shop. You just need to cut the papaya fruit in two halves and scrape the seeds of papaya. After that wash the seeds and let them dry.

    Then sow the black seed in the garden where the papaya plant/tree can get enough sunlight. The soil in which the papaya seeds are sown should be rich in nutrients and organic matter.

    Papaya plant needs a lot of water as they grow up. But, remember, do not over-water the plant, otherwise, it will be dead.


  • I'd advise you to plant a hybrid variety that will not grow as tall as the regular papaya trees. Hybrid varieties begin flowering and fruiting faster and the produce is generally better than a normal tree.

    Like all fruit bearing plants your papaya plant will also need to be planted in a spot that gets abundant sunlight.

    Papaya plants are hardy and can grow in any type of soil. However, it is good to prepare the soil with a mix of organic compost, manure, red soil and sand in equal proportions.

    You can feed the plant regularly, but don't overdo it. It is best to use organic fertilizers as opposed to chemical feeds. Feed the plant a little extra during the active growth and blooming period. This will ensure the plant grows sturdy and bears ample fruit.

    Papaya plants do well in 14-14-14 fertilizer. This indicates the concentration of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium in the fertilizer. 14-14-14 fertilizers need to be fed to the plant in less quantity, less frequently. However, other type of fertilizers may also be used.

    Nitrogen is required for new growth and is essential for all types of plants.
    Phosphorous encourages proper root growth.
    Potassium will help the plant produce more flowers and fruits.

    There are other trace minerals that the plant will require which can be obtained from using mulch, compost and manure.

    Do not over water the plant as it can cause root rot. Check the soil before watering. If the soil at the top is moist do not water. The soil should not be left to dry completely. Remember to keep the soil moist at all times.

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