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    Why do I hear the Click sound when I swallow?

    Puzzled about a clicking sound when swallowing or yawning? Know the various possible reasons for this sound from this Ask Expert page.

    I hear from my left ear a "click" sound when I swallow or yawn. What is the reason for it? Any home remedies or medicines to treat it?
    I went to an ENT doctor but he gave nasal drops and few medicines. It does not show any improvement? Is it because of the climate?
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  • I also use to face this problem when I am having cold and fever. I guess its because of climate change. Take the medicine which is prescribed by your doctor for few more days. It will be get cure shortly.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • Hello Vellamji, That is quite normal, It is not a problem. When you swallow, there is a respiratory pause and there is a negative pressure on your eardrums. Due to this probably the eardrums (tympanic membranes) might just move towards inside which can be heard as a click. It might be more pronounced in cold because eardrums are pushed outside while you sneeze hard and repeatedly, so they come from more outside to inside when you swallow.

    So relax and stop seeing doctors for this thing.

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  • My dear friend,
    Our respiratory system is bounded intact which makes you feel this sound. Now as you already mentioned about your visit to ENT specialist, let me give bit overview on it.
    ENT, what does it mean? ENT is nothing but Ear, Nose and Throat. These all parts of our body are interconnected and that's why when we face cold weather, when ours ears are colder then in turn it affects our nose and throat. Usually when we keep our ear warm by packing then there are less chances of throat infections(which may be due to food or water).
    Now point is, as these points as interconnected, you will feel such sound usually during sickness(cold, throat infection), due to pressure as already explained by Dr Nikhil. You need to worry about it.
    Please do gargling to reduce your throat infection and cold, which may bring down this problem too.

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