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    Pros and cons of contact lenses

    Need to wear contact lenses? Check out from this Ask Expert page the benefits and disadvantages of wearing contact lenses.

    My husband finds it difficult to wear Sunglasses while driving because he requires to wear spectacles. So he wants to use contact lenses. Is there any other way out?

    Moreover I want to know what are the pros and cons of wearing a pair of contact lenses. Do lenses need lots of maintenance? Is it difficult to maintain contact lenses during winter because of dust particles?

    Please enlighten me by answering these questions.
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  • There is nothing to worry much about contact lenses. If your husband is interested to use contact lenses, you can allow him to use contact lenses.

    As like any other products Contact lenses also having it's own advantage and dis-advantage as below,

    1. Contact lenses helps you to avoid wearing of spectacles and fear of breaking of spectacles.
    2. It provides better side view than eyeglasses as contact lenses are very close to your eyes.
    3. Wide range of contact lenses are available for users as per the needs.
    4. Contact lenses cost less than surgery.
    5. Contact lenses protect your eye from dust and other small insects.

    1. You need to change the contact lenses often as it will expiry in short span of time.
    2. The process of cleaning,inserting lenses are little difficult and irritating.
    3. Some people use to get infections by wearing contact lenses.
    4. Contact lenses cost more than normal eye glasses.

    You can also consider the option of eye surgery even it is costly but provides benefits for a long term.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • Pros-
    1.Contact lenses provide most predictable correction.
    2.They eliminate the need to wear glasses all the time.
    3.Better peripheral vision..
    4.No fog issue as in the case of glasses.
    5.They wont detract from your natural appearance.
    6.No glare or reflection.

    1.Cleaning and hygiene is complicated and inconvenient.
    2.There is an increased risk of corneal infections and scratches.
    3.Some work areas force you to wear protective eye wear.
    4.Cost more than eye glasses.

    Live....and Let Live...!

  • Hai Runa,
    Comparatively Contact lenses need some extra maintenance than wearing spectacles. If you see the advantages, contact lenses give more clear vision as they move along with your eyes. People look better in contact lenses than in glasses. Lenses are comfortable to work while doing any type of work and they can be used in any conditions.

    But along with all these advantages, contact lenses have many other disadvantages too. It takes much time to get habitual with contact lenses. The technique of putting and taking out lenses is bit troublesome. They get lost very easily and it is bit difficult to find them again. Contact lenses are more expensive when compared with glasses as they have limited shelf life and you need to replace them regularly.

    Contact lenses need more maintenance. You need to clean them and soak them in solution to disinfect them. Other than this getting scratches on lenses is also common problem.


  • Most of above responses already covered all points. Though we have some problems during handling spectacles rather than lenses, we need to be very careful while using lenses. We also need to avoid it from infections, contact to few ares where it can harm our eyes through lenses.
    There are lot of cases where we can use spectacles on regular basis and bring down our eye sight to normal. though not normal it may possible that we need to wear spectacles all time. So I would like to suggest you to try for some other options rather than going for lenses.
    If he has to wear spectacle all time then still he can go for it, as it is also possible to get glasses where you need to use as spectacle and goggle.

  • Contact lens are becoming more popular these days, because of the availability in price options. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using contact lens. When on the positive side, many people prefer contact lens because it aids you to maintain your natural looks, some doesn't prefer to wiear glasses. Then contact doesn't clash with the weather, when you are playing or when you are outdoor, i.e sometimes there is chances of getting fog in your glasses, this doesn't happen when you are using lens. The side vision is lens is better when compared to glasses. And it won't obstruct you when doing activities like playing or exercising.
    When we are talking about the negative side, the primary thing is that it is little difficult to maintain the lens. Some find it difficult in applying the lens. The use of lens causes drying of the cornea in some cases. There is higher chances of eye infection too. So these are the some of the positive and negative, which i have to mention about contact lens.

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