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    Why isChristmas is celebrated on 25th of December?

    Puzzled about the real reasons for celebrating Christmas and doing so on 25th December? Get your doubts cleared from our experts.

    I am 18 years old but I do not know why Christmas is celebrated. I really do want to know the reason as, although I am a Hindu, I respect all religions and celebrate Christmas too. I want to know the reason why we celebrate Christmas and why on the date of 25th December.
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  • Christmas day is celebrated to commence birth of Jesus Christ. Though it is not clear or exact date about Jesus, people long ago started celebrating it in winter season. As it was started celebration from people, it spread over the world as years passes away.
    Now it is celebrated all over the world by both Christian and Non-christian people. As it is annual festival which will be celebrated all over world, almost all counties have holiday on this day.

  • Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th December to celebrate the birth of Jesus christ as it is believed that he was born on this date.

  • There is no evidence that Jesus was born on December 25th. But in the Bible it is written that there was a great census taken at that time and Mother Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem for registering their names. Also it is written that shepherds were living in the fields watching their flock by night. Based on these events in history, historians calculated it to be in December 25. Also there was great massacre of little children below 2 years which King Herod had done. Historians, considering all these events into account calculated that Jesus birth may be happened in December 25th.

  • We don't know the exact day when Christ was born but we know the time because Caesar Augustus 63 BC- 17 AD ordered a consensus to be taken for the purpose of taxing the entire Roman World. Judea, the birth place of Christ, was under the governorship of P. Sulpicius Quirinus who implemented the consensus around 1 AD during the winter solstice.
    The Roman pagan God Saturn was worshipped around 25th of December as by then the winter solstice finishes and spring sets in. The Jews also celebrate 25th of December as the Festival of Lights or Hanukkah.
    When Emperor Constantine became the first Christian Emperor of Rome in 338 AD he decreed 25th December as Christmas Day.
    From then on Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December.

  • Christmas is celebrated on Dec 25Th because it is birth date of Jesus Christ.

    Christians follow the liturgical calender through out year to celebrate the various festivals.In that Calender we find different seasons like Lent ,Advent , Ordinary time ,Easter and so on .

    Christmas is celebrated after the four weeks of Advent Season.
    This Advent season reminds us the Coming of the Son of Man -Jesus.

    Where we prepare ourselves for advent perhaps it is the time to celebrate the coming of the Son of Man and that is Christmas.

  • This is a doubt I too had from my childhood (I too am a Hindu). So, I searched for the answer and found it. Pagans used to celebrate a festival called "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" meaning "The Birth Day of the Unconquered Sun" on December 25. During the reign of Constantine (first christian roman emperor), christian writers chose this as the Christmas associating Jesus Christ as "Sun of Righteousness" but it was not official until Pope Julius I declared it.
    Hope you got what you need and I don't mean any biasing based on cast here.

  • Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus but its NOT THE BIRTHDAY OF JESUS.

    As per Bible records, when Jesus had taken birth, the shepherds were out in the night with their sheep when the angel appeared to them telling them about the birth of Jesus. Please note, December is a winter month and at that time its impossible to stay outside in Bethlehem (the place where Jesus was born), as it snows heavily. So, we can conclude that Jesus has not taken birth on Dec 25th.

    Then when did Jesus take birth. Bible gives the answer. Though it doesnt tell the exact date of birth, it does tell the date of death of Jesus, i.e. 14th of Nisan month. And it also tells that Jesus lived for 33 and a half year. So, if we count backwards, it comes to around the month of October. Though we cant say the exact date.

    Then why does the world celebrate Jesus' birthday as Christmas on Dec 25th. In ancient pagan times, the last day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere was celebrated as the night that the Great Mother Goddess gives birth to the baby Sun God. In Roman times, it became the celebrations honouring Saturnus (the harvest god) and Mithras (the ancient god of light), a form of sun worship. To avoid persecution during Roman Pagan festivals, christians started observing this festival. But please note that the early christians didnot celebrate the birth of Jesus. In 325AD, Constantine the Great, the first Christian Roman emperor, introduced December 25th as Christmas. In 354AD, Bishop Liberius of Rome officially ordered his members to celebrate the birth of Jesus on 25 December.

  • Christmas is celebrated for the birthday of Jesus Christ. Though this date was not clearly mentioned in the Bible, scientists found this day as the birthday of Jesus. So we are celebrating December 25 as Christmas.

    This day was calculated by the events held around Jesus birth. As per scientists, a census was conducted at this time only. Jesus was born around this census. Also King Herod killed all the kids below two years in these days. Also the birth of John was happened around this time. By considering these events the birth of Jesus is celebrated every year on December 25.

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