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  • What are the best blogging platforms other than WordPress?

    Want to know about the best blogging platforms other than WordPress? Get feedback and reviews right here to know alternatives to WordPress to host your own blog.

    I want to create my own blog site. WordPress is the best blogging platform I know. But what are the other blogging platforms which can be used for own blogging site. I want to host my site differently on my hosting.
    Explain features of other blogging sites? Do explain difference between WordPress and other blogging platforms.
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  • If you are wishing to create a blog then this is really a very good idea. There are various blogging platforms other than Wordpress which you can use for your blogging platform. For example you can use Tumblr. There are various advantageous features of Tumblr blogging platform like first of all it is free of cost. Second one is this that the attractive dashboard of Tumblr is really a very good choice. You can apply various themes of your choice. The posted content would be very attractive for the user interface leading to the large visiting of people in your blog. There are various useful resources in the blogging platform of Tumblr-
    You can easily create chat posts, audio posts, photo posts, etc.
    By using Tumblr you can really rock on! in the blogging career by a lot of hard work as well as confidence. Best wishes!

  • Online blogging is one type of passion. You can published your thought, your views, ideas, information through blogging. There are many blogging platforms available. But I think 'Blogger' is the best one. It is the creation of google, so you can easily trust upon it. Blogger is a free blogging platform. You can create your own free blogsite here. Also you can add own custom domain name. This site is easy to access from computer as well as mobile phone. I think this is a better platform than Wordpress. You can select many attractive templates for your site from the collection or you may edit it as you wish. Blogger sites has a good looking mobile view. The best part of blogger platform is, if you have any Adsense publisher account you can earn 100% revenue sharing from your blogger site. New adsense application also done through your blogsite. You can published various types of ads units on the free 'Blogger' site.
    You can also go for 'Tumblr' its also a good platform for blogging with many advanced options.

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  • Two of the best blogging platforms as of today are Wordpress and Blogspot. The advantage with Wordpress blogging platform is that there are so many readily available help tutorials to do different stuff with your Wordpress blog. Same thing applies for Blogspot blog. You can start a free blog with or Blogspot. As your blog starts to do well, you can even switch from to blogging platform i.e. your self-hosted blogging platform on Wordpress.

    Wordpress has numerous different themes and plugins to provide your blog with tonnes of functionalities that you will ever need. For a first-time blogger, it is highly recommended to start with either Wordpress or Blogspot.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • For blogging, Wordpress is quite good as it offers a host of plugins and is also relatively simple to use and customize according to your preference. If you have a custom domain then you can also use wordads apart from Google adsense. The Wordpress dashboard is easy and very convenient. There are also a lot of themes to choose from, more than blogger. Wordpress is free to use.

    Blogger is a little less limited in terms of themes and plugins, but integration of google adsense will be easier. Plus, it's free. It's not as easy as Wordpress and it might take a little practise, but once you get that, you're good to go.

    Tumblr is a great blogging site which is completely free and has a TON of themes to choose from. It is quite versatile and enables easy posting of text posts, links, audio posts, images, and chat posts. Based on the theme you choose, you can customise it as you wish. The theme HTML is editable so if you want to add some modifications it is quite easy to do so. Also, you can send and receive messages from your followers, comment on posts, etc.

    But out of all the things, I think wordpress is best because a lot of the features are enabled, including integration with most social media accounts, share buttons, etc.

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  • The question sounds like you want to setup your blog on your own hosting account but don't want to use Wordpress. So, Blogspot and Tumblr are not best fit since they host on their own server.

    I'll suggest you to use Joomla or Drupal. They are free and have plenty of plugins available.

    Still, I'll suggest you to choose Wordpress because it is specially designed for bloggers and it has a huge library of plugins.


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