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    Interview for insurance sector job

    Appearing for an insurance related job interview? Get quick tips and guidance on the type of questions asked and how to answer them.

    I have an interview in coming days. So I am looking forward for your guidance about the process and the possible Questions and their best answers. I belong to the IT field but want to join Insurance Sector for my career. What type of risky questions the interviewer may ask?
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  • You have not mentioned whether you are going to face interview of public or private sector insurance companies. Secondly, you have not mentioned about the post for which you are going to face interview. Insurance companies mostly give preference to those who belong to the insurance sector. As you are going to give interview of an insurance company, try to know some terms of insurance and do a thorough research about that company. Also, try to know some of the insurance products that the company deals in. Some of the basic questions that you can prepare are:

    Tell me something about yourself.
    Here you are expected to give a brief introduction about yourself, your qualification, academic achievement, hobbies, etc.

    As you are from IT field, they may ask you as to why do you want to join an insurance company.
    Tell them honestly as to what made you change your decision. You can tell about career prospects, high growth opportunities in insurance sector etc.

    You may get a question as to why should the company think of hiring you.
    You can say about your strengths here.

    The interviewer may also ask you about your expected salary.
    So be prepared for this question too.

    Good preparation of these questions can help you in clearing your interview. Don't feel nervous and give your best shot. All the best.

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