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    E commerce and web application sales career scope

    Recently got a job offer in the field of web app sales? Learn what is the current and future scope of such a career in e-commerce after accepting such a job offer.

    I studied MBA marketing, but I have 3.6yrs of experience in insurance. Now I got an offer in it is a search engine. My profile is to bring digital accounts to their brand. It is completely direct sales individual role job. Now I am thinking whether or not there is any scope in market for this - is it purposeful product or not? What is the growth in the industry? And what are offers available in the job market if we want to change the company?
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  • E-commerce industry in India is experiencing a significant boom. In fact, it will grow further for next few years and there will be plenty of job opportunities for MBA grads and other qualified professionals. The best thing is you will learn a lot by getting associated with a renowned name like, which is known to many people in India. However, you need to carry out your own research about the kind of work, pay package, work environment, etc. such companies provide. Try to get in touch with someone on LinkedIn or Facebook, who is already an employee of

    Once you gain exposure in any such good company, you could open up significant job avenues with several online companies like Olx, Quikr, Zomato, etc. In times to come, many such companies will come up providing you with better e-commerce based sales jobs.

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