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  • Admission to biology related courses

    Eager to pursue a course in the field of biology? Find out from our education experts which are the best courses in this field for you in terms of future job prospects.

    I am interested in joining courses related to Biology, such as Fisheries, agriculture, aquaculture, etc. Which would be the best one for job opportunities or, other than these, which would you recommend?
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  • First of all, you should know your area of interest before selecting a course in Biology. Interest in specific course helps a lot in going for the best jobs. My sincere advise is never select a course depending on the job prospects but go for the one in which you have greater interest. There is no use of pursuing a course without having much interest in it as this might lead to failure not only in obtaining a degree in the course but later on in getting a job as well.

    So the best option is to have an idea of your area of interest and then choose the course which interests you the most. All the courses you mentioned like Fisheries, Agriculture and Aquaculture are demanding courses. Besides these, there are other courses like Horticulture, Microbiology, Molecular Biology etc are equally good and have good job prospects.

    So, it is you who have to decide your area of interest for pursuing higher studies without any difficulty for getting into a good job in future.

    Thanks & Regards

  • First preference should be given to the choice of your interest.

    There are some biology related fields which demand will increase in future.Biology releated field plays importent role in research and development. India is a developing country where institute for research are increasing year by year. So Astrobiology, molecular biology and zoology like field are on demand and will have a bright future.

  • The field which you find interesting will be the one with the most number of opportunities. Join the course you can give your best in and there will be bunches of employments popping up for you.
    Coming to the latter, what would the others recommend you (though you should (must) choose according to your own interest), I would like to share my opinions on the different fields available.

    Agriculture- There is not much scope due to the increasing number of hybrid vegetables and degrading levels of nutritious qualities of soil and less number of available lands for agriculture. You have the option of going in the research field though, to produce more number of hybrids and many other similar works.

    Aquaculture- Seafood and the life under water are gaining much interest of the people and tourists. So, it would be a favorable field too.

    Apiculture- The beekeeping. I don't think there was much scope in this field till now because only the honey selling companies or the interested people used to keep bees (which is risky too), so may be it won't offer you much chances.

    Forestry- I guess this field has a number of job opportunities ranging from officers to researchers.

    That's all. Choose the field according to your interest and don't rush after the scope. Set a goal of what you want to become, don't rely on opportunities. No field offers you hundreds of job opportunities, you have to choose the one.


  • Hi,
    It is very interesting to hear that you have an interest in such genres of biology that are very less explored. So since I say that these are very less explored, you have got a chance to extract the maximum possible benefits out of such genres. Among the genres you have mentioned Pisciculture and agriculture both are quite interesting.
    You should choose according to your priorities. If you like to know more about fish then pisciculture is your domain. See, since India thrives mainly on the agricultural lands and the river and sea foods, a lot can be done in this area. Today the population of India is huge. So there is a food problem that is increasing day by day. A lot of scientists are indulged into saving energy and food so that India can manage to thrive with so much of a population. So as you can see there is a huge scope of research in this domain.
    One more thing is that the problem of insecticides. These are benevolently used by the farmers in the vegetables and other crops. The result is that these insecticides in turn destroy and poison the crops, in addition to poisoning the insects. We feed on those poisoned vegetables. Scientists are working in this domain also.

    Few years back one such initiative was taken so that people buy only fresh vegetables and not those which are infested by insecticides. But that campaign has also died down.
    Now again scientists are moving in this domain. You can choose any of these and delve into research. Even better is that cracking UGC or CSIR NET is much easier in such domains. You can study and crack it. If you do crack NET, not only will be officially rewarded with a JRF by the government, you will also be able to get a monthly stipend for researching. So you get to study and you get paid for it.

    After that you can fund in projects from the government on newer agricultural methods or such methods in fisheries. Then you will be a self employed researcher.
    So keep all these in mind. But first complete your B.Sc. and then your M.Sc. in any of these genres. All the best.

    Live life Kingsize!

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