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    MBA marketing not found useful - need career guidance

    Did you realize that your MBA marketing course was not useful & want to switch to the IT field? Know what courses you could take up to improve your IT skills & get good IT jobs.

    I have done B.Sc.(IT) + MBA(Marketing Management) and have 2+ years experience in Channel Sales and Project Sales of one of leading Building Material companies. I had experience to sell products like cp fittings,bathroom products,tiles,sanitary ware,adhesive etc. Now may age is 26 years. I have observed my subordinates and my seniors who have lots of experience in this field that sales people have no life. Now I have no interest in sales job. Each day you have start a new journey, meet sales targets and there is a lot of pressure. I visited many IT companies for job but no one ready to entertain me. That is why today I feel that doing MBA is a big mistake in my life. So please guide me:
    1. Is there any education that will give me an entry into the IT sector?
    2. What are the courses which will help for in-house jobs (Office jobs)?
    3. How to switch sale profile to marketing or marketing research or Advertise sector?
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  • Every job has it's own problem and pressure. Do you think IT job is having less pressure? No, I am also working in IT sector everyday you need to meet the deadlines and keep the project on track. IT work also sometimes mostly like your work. I would welcome you to IT if you interested in work IT but you are moving to IT just to escape from your current work pressure. You may face same kind of pressure in IT. All you need to do is try to face the problems in your day-to-day life.

    Below are some of the tips which may help you to get into IT.

    1. Interest is the basic thing for getting into any kind of job. You need to learn a lot to get into IT as you don't have any experience in this field.
    2. Your B.Sc IT can help you to get into IT industry but forgot about top MNCs as they will only give preference to freshers.
    3. Join any technical courses in top training institute in the city. Some companies use to take candidates from the training institutes. You may get a good job through the training institute.

    As I mentioned earlier interest is key point to get into IT.

    All the best for your future!

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • Thanks Karthikeyan,
    For your valuable suggestion, I know everybody has lots of problem in their day to day life. Another name of "Life" is "Problem" but its our hand how to convert problem in to "opportunity", I like you are positive approach the things which is not like that which you think and same thing happen with me at the time of doing MBA I expect marketing job not the core sale oriented job. When I entered in to market that time I realize the what it is "Actual Scenario". I also suggest people who think for MBA if you rally want to do MBA do it ONLY and ONLY from TOP B-School and which training institute you said karthik?

  • MBA marketing is a good course but students always choose the career as sales only by interpreting wrongly the word marketing with sales.

    As you have IT in your basic degree, you can do any other course related to IT and even with your MBA you can go for additional executive MBA with systems in any top B school or management institutes which will in turn fetch jobs in it field.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • Thanks Saroja! I agree with your answer.

  • I expect more suggestion from other experts.

  • According to me education of any field never waste. I can understand your frustration and you need a proper guidance from an expert only. You can visit to any local career councilor to get an expert advice. Education of MBA is definitely useful for you.

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