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    Career path after B.Tech. to enter business

    Not sure what to do after B.Tech. to stare a business career? Get expert guidance right here to help you develop the right skills to launch a career in business after B.Tech.

    I am doing B.Tech mechanical engineering. I want to know what is going to be better for me in future if I want to enter the business field. I am interested to do business from my childhood, so please let me know what should be the career path to achieve this after I complete my graduation.
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  • I am impressed with your perusal of Mechanical Engineering course.This course deals with many valuable equipments related to power plants, machines, lathes , turbo generators and so on.Your familiarity with all these equipments would broaden your business prospects.You can be a successful dealer in a wide range of products such as lathes, balls and bearing, boilers, paints etc. However, the foremost aspect by acquiring such prestigious degree enhances your analytical ability and this skill is important in all the areas of life.To have a better grasp of business techniques, You may go in a course for finance and management ,which is an important curriculum in MBA course .

  • Having MBA after B tech is a very excellent choice for business career. Along with your prepare for CAT and other management examinations to get admission in prestigious business schools. The dream place for business studies in India is IIMs, the admission is purely based on CAT scores.
    Enroll in near by CAT coaching center and improve your chances for getting high cat scores.

  • Hi Vasu,

    I appreciate your intention to become an entrepreneur as most of the engineering graduates use to settle for a monthly income job and live a comfortable life. Our country need students like you who willing to take risk. You can create lot of job opportunities in your area.

    Completion of MBA course in top management schools may help you to understand the tricks of business related to your specific area of interest. There are lot of business scopes are available for mechanical related markets like automobile parts, machines, lathes and other parts. Robotics is one of growing field related to mechanical engineering nowadays.

    I would suggest you to apply some intonational ideas in your business which will help reduce the overall cost and increase customer satisfaction.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • It is advisable to get a job post your BTech Mechanical engineering course. You can work in some core mechanical engineering company that would expose you to the different requirements of this niche area. As you are clear that you want to setup your own business, keep your eyes open during the initial 1-2 years when you are working for a company. Learn the processes, the places from where different equipments are bought, etc.

    You can simultaneously document your entire business idea during the initial 2 years of job. Have some brainstorming sessions with friends who think alike. Get your idea proof-read by some senior whom you can trust. Think out of the box and try to provide solutions to everyday problems through your business idea. After you are completely ready with your plan, you can take the plunge. Your 2-3 years of job experience would make you wise and also help you avoid any silly mistakes which you otherwise might have done.

    During your job years, make sure you attend entrepreneurship workshops and summits regularly. This way you will be surrounded by like-minded people who are doing something big. This will inspire you and guide you to do better business.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • It is good that you have interest to enter into a Business field. It is not a big deal to start a business , but its a big deal that you run in successfully. First of all decide what business you want to start. If its related to what you have studied or what you are very familiar with then its very good. Otherwise first try to get the complete idea about your business theme or product.

    First concentrate on knowing the requirements to start that like Capital, Raw materials, Machinery, Labour, location, and also know where the product has demand and where you can sell it successfully. Once you know all these, then try to get idea of the other companies who does the same business and try to know what are the practical problems which evolve during the time of Business.

    To get all these, it takes some time. My advise is to study M.B.A where you can learn the skills of Business and master them. For that appear at Common Admission Test to join the prestigious IIM's and top business schools. If you are not interested to the study then you can join a job and then do all this research in the free time. With this, you can earn some capital for your business through that job, you can know practically how the world outside is and you can even get a partner in your office to join you in your business. I can tell you that what you see the world as a student is completely different from how it actually is. By the time you can start a business you can gain 2-3 years job experience, which will help you incase if you want to abandon your business and join your job again.

    Once you step into the business, it is not an easy way to go through, you may have a lot of set backs, discouragement, and you have to fight back to survive and get success. if you have that guts, follow your dream and get it.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

  • Hi ,
    I appreciate your thinking & right now its best environment in India to start business.

    As you are a mechanical engineer you can try to get a job in that field and find need gap while doing your work & try to solve that problem if you can solve solve problem & add proper revenue stream to it your going to be a grow at much faster rate.

    I also want to tell you can do business in any sector not just engineering sector.

    First find problem then find concrete solution for that, align revenue generation model with that & you are ready to start business.

    Be ready for hardwork because business needs lots of focus , hardwork & patience.

    Best of luck.

  • Before starting any business there is a need to first understand some general things related to business today.
    In olden times business was a family monopoly and youngsters joined it as default. They followed certain traditional guidelines and went ahead smoothly. With time the whole scenario changed and presently the business has become not only very competitive but also difficult proposition for beginners.
    It does not mean that one should lose hope and stop efforts. Understanding present business environment and take mileage from hidden opportunities is the mantra for success.
    One alternative is to apply and if selected join a business house so that the present methods and tricks of the trade could be understood in right perspective. Once experienced enough one can think of starting on his own or a group of like minded aspiring persons.
    The other way is to go for a formal MBA and learn the tools and methods there and apply them in practice.
    Whatever method is followed there is no substitute for hard work. In new endeavors many times failures are there but we should not be dishearten and learn from our mistakes.
    We have to remember that present business environment is very dynamic and new items in the market are getting obsolescence very fast.
    It is not the trading alone to be considered as business. Service has emerged a very big area with immense opportunities. Service requirement in the field of maintenance, entertainment, transport, tourism, manpower etc has grown in leaps and bounds.
    One has to make up the mind considering all aspects of business to get success.
    Wishing good luck to all beginners.

    Knowledge is power.

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