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    What is your strength - how to answer this interview question?

    Appearing for an interview soon? Known how to answer one of the most common interview questions, namely what is your strength.

    This is one of the important questions which is often asked in the Interview. I feel this question quite tricky. I want to know how to answer this question effectively to make it in positive way?

    Please give suggestion how to make it effective with minimum effort.
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  • When somebody ask about your strenght, he is willing to know about your positive points. These can be your hardworking, your patience, your impressive personality, your grip on any subject, your master plans or anything.
    During interview, you need to focus on the job profile you are applying and you are supposed to give your positive positive with reference to that job profile only. You should have some good qualities through which that company will get benefitted and thats why they should hire you.
    I hope it is now clear to you.


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  • Generally when interviewer ask for the strength then he means that he not only wants to know about the professional expertise but along with that he expect bit more from job seeker. Hence while answering this question tell the interviewer about your positive points which you can also use in your professional life. Such points could be habit of sharing, patience level, power of ignorance, adjustment etc.

    But remember, at any time during interview never tell interviewer about your negative points or your drawbacks.

  • The strength and weakness play a vital role in evaluating his fitness for the job by the interviewer. Here one has to present it very carefully to convince that he possess the core assets needed to excel in the job. Strength can be any of its kind and it may skill and attitude, working area of knowledge, positive qualities of understanding others or specific work experiences. In order to convince the interviewer that you have the right stuff for the job you should say that you possess certain strengths. A well presentation of success in work, school, volunteer or co-curricular roles would give a good impression to the interviewer. First, you should understand the role of the job and what type of strength would help you to achieve the desired targets.

    But make it sure that your answer convinces the man who interviews you. Be fair and don't try to manage with some false information. You can mention your weakness also and try to speak out as to how you would overcome it while excelling in the job career.


  • Yes, this is one of most frequently asked question in interviews. In some exams form like SSB they directly ask you to write on your strength and weakness.
    This question is asked for two purposes, one to know directly how much your qualities will directly benefit to the company and another to know what kind of person you are, as per you understanding of yourself.

    So best is to put actual best of you. But what if you say I have good handwriting and you are applying for post of software engineer. This question is now days twisted this way also that what you think what are your qualities that make you best eligible for this post.
    So I think write down all words that you think are good in and are most positive about you. Then think the type of job you are applying to. Make two strength as per requirement of job and one from you behavior. Like you can say you are good in adjusting as per requirements or you can say you are multi tasking or you can show like you have very positive temperament or you have great patience etc.
    These will also help in indirectly impressing him.
    But remember one thing that saying anything will not help. Try to reflect same with activities you have done in and in your behavior during interview.

    Chitra Rana

  • The key to success during any interviews is to tell the truth confidently. One of the common questions asked to candidates during HR interviews is 'Tell me something about your strong points or strengths?'

    A smart answer revealing your strengths would be inform the interviewer that you can adapt well to situations, work with great spirit in teams, guide others on your areas on expertise, learn quickly and work on anything that is completely new to you, etc. Mostly interviewers want to see how you would react to various circumstances that you may encounter while working in any company. So, focus more on highlighting qualities like positive aptitude, quick learning, helping others in a team environment, patience, ability to stretch yourself when required, etc.

    Once you have answered this query about your strengths, be prepared to be bombarded with a series of related queries that would test your patience, honesty and attitude. It's a common way interviewers try to judge the correctness of the answers given by candidates.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • True, it is the most often asked tricky question in an interview.

    Here an interviewer is lookig for the qualities in you with which can prove to be an asset to the organisation. Example: In case you are a wonderful singer or a cook, these might be your hobbies, however you might not like to say this for the answer because these will not prove to be of any use to the company.

    The attributes an employer might be looking for in you are: a team player, a quick learner, positive, honest, dependable, hard working, good communication skills, systematized, etc.

    Make a list of top three list of your strenghts and try to fit them into the requirements of the organisation. Also, exhibit you strenghts with your admissible achievements.

    Hope this should help you. Best wishes for the interviews!!

  • Sometimes, That will be the only answer which makes the difference and can get the job for you or get you rejected.

    You should act smart. Dont simply say that I am hardworking, have lot of patience, Excellent knowledge etc. HR manager never believes such answers bluntly. You should answer the question as per the job you are applying. Then what ever you say, try to say it with an example. For example, if you say you are hardworking, tell him a case where you have hard worked and get the task done. If you can do that, definitely, interviewer get impressed. Don't tell the things which are not your strengths. He may test you, if you fail, then negative impression will fill in interviewers mind.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

  • When you know which are areas you are good at, mention only those. Do not say anything about the areas/fields which do not know. The board panel may then cross question you and would like to know what are your achievements in those areas. Each person is different and they would be good at one or the other. You should know your strengths, identify those and act upon it/build upon it to become expert in it. some of the strengths of a person are:

    Self motivation and determination: One has to be self motivated to achieve the success. One should work hard to make the work to be completed without any problems. One should be determined to complete the given work promptly.

    Hard-working: Work hard to achieve goals. Spend time for making the work to be done in the given time. See to it that the work is done properly and efficiently.

    Communication: To talk with team members, to work towards the goals, one should speak effectively. One should have good communication skills to make others listen to you. One should work hard to progress in the task by bringing members together with good speaking abilities.

    Positive nature: One should have a positive outlook to carry on the work smoothly and successfully. Work with optimism to the best of your abilities to achieve success.

    Energetic: Be active to take up the work with interest and do it sincerely. Leave no room for comments and criticism. Do not brood over the problems handle it smoothly.

    Sincere: Do your work with contentment and joy, be dutiful and trustful to your job to scale the heights of your success.

    Identify with these strengths which you possess and work on it to tackle the questions in the interviews. Prepare points on the strengths so that you will be able to answer effectively and impress upon members of the board. Give examples for your strengths or your achievements in that particular fields. Have proof to show the certificates or the appreciation letters to justify your statements.

    Wishing you all the best.

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