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    What is frozen shoulder and what is the remedy for its cure?

    Suffering from frozen shoulder problem? Know the best remedial treatments to deal with and cure frozen shoulder.

    One of my cousins is suffering from severe shoulder pain at the right side which he couldn't move freely. On consulting the Doctor, he has suggested some physiotherapy exercises and medicines. He diagnosed it as a 'frozen shoulder'. Relatives are pressurizing him to change over to Ayurvedic treatment where some application of oil would cure the problem. Any idea about this ailment? What treatment - Allopathy or Ayurveda - would help?
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  • I have suffered from the problem of a frozen right shoulder. When I say "suffered" I am conveying what a really horrid, painful experience it was! The pain is really horrible at night. Literally, my shoulder felt like a stone, the whole arm would become stiff & I constantly woke up to sit and get the circulation back. I have spent months of sleepless nights like this! I did not feel the pain during the day as much, only when I exerted it too much, but dressing is very tough with a frozen shoulder.

    A frozen shoulder occurs when, as explained by my doctor, the shoulder muscles stiffen due to a contraction of the shoulder capsule. There is no outright, instant cure for a frozen shoulder. I took allopathy medicines (tablets and capsules) to control the inflammation and pain. The best cure: tell your cousin to regularly go for physiotherapy sessions. I cannot emphasize enough the word 'regularly'. Unless he is committed to it, he will not get out of this problem - it would take far longer than usual if he is lax in doing physiotherapy.

    Your cousin should stick to allopathy only + physiotherapy sessions + home exercises. The doctor will also prescribe an ointment which should be applied right after a warm bath in the morning and can also be applied at night before sleeping. He should be prepared for many sleepless nights. As I mentioned earlier, the pain is excruciating at night. However, under no circumstances he should rest the hand in a cast - this is a wrong thing to do. He should be prepared to go through the pain and immobility for the long haul. It can take up to a year for full mobility to return and even 2 years if he is lax in doing the exercises.

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  • Frozen shoulder is a stiffness pain and low movement of shoulder one can not move his shoulder upto 360 . It may happen after injury or muscle pump. Some time it happens due to impact or jerk of load
    The tissues around the joint become stiffen , scar tissue forms and shoulder movement become painful
    It most often occurs in 65-75 age some time due to Daibatic problem
    Most often in people with chronic disease. It can diagnose by an X-ray
    It can be cured by heating the joints with warm bottles .
    Ice and medicines also used to reduce the pain and swelling
    Some exercises are also recommended if Frozen shoulder diagnosed,
    It includes stretching exercise program.

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  • Frozen shoulder is pain, limited range of movement, and stiffness in the shoulder, may be caused by injury, overuse, or disease.

    Frozen shoulder may be also caused after surgery.

    Frozen shoulder can be treated by using NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) along with application of heat to the affected area. Stretching exercise plays an important role to treat this.

    The best way to overcome frozen shoulder is physiotherapy and medicines.

  • Definitely Ayurveda is a best treatment for major of the health problems but in this particular problem I will suggest the option of Allopathy to get faster relief. Allopathy treatment is combination of medicines and physiotherapy. This also gives positive results.

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  • A frozen shoulder's symptoms are- There is a pain in the shoulder, may extend further into the hand. One can not move his hand freely from lower to up sideways more than 90 degree, as you raise up the hand more will be the pain and after certain point you can not raise further. There are many reasons for this problem such as sleeping on the hand, lifting heavy weight, overwork when hands are raised above shoulder level(over head work), inactive and passive life style, BP, diabetes,cardio vascular disease and cervical spondylosis.
    How to overcome from this situation? Do physiotherapy one week heat treatment after that run the wooden wheel with your hand to exercise your shoulder till the pain is eliminated and your hand movement become normal. Do some yoga and hand exercise (PT) regularly.

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