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    Complaint to the head of the department about campus placement interviews

    Want to draft a letter of complaint to the head of your college department about campus placement interviews? Know how to draft such a letter from our experts.

    Could someone help me with a letter of complaint. I don't know what to write to the HOD when the electrical companies are not coming to my college. Every time I ask him verbally he takes it lightly. I wanted to mail him and the vice chancellor of the college as electrical companies are not coming to the college and they should pay attention to this. Only IT companies are coming and our placement asks us to sit for the IT companies interviews, such as SAP labs or Amazon. How could a student from electrical background take it as an opportunity and give an interview if he has no idea of coding? I just want to bring all of this to their notice. and I would be really greatful if someone could prepare a mail for me. Since I have never written a mail before, I do not want to write something which is taken offensively by them.
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  • Friend,
    The choice for selecting and visiting a particular college for campus recruitment fully is the discretion of the companies.
    They will evaluate a college on various parameters including the outside reputation of the college,the quality of the passing students of previous years, the getting of university ranks in the college or for that department , the cut off grades or marks of the bottom most admission etc.

    It may be that in your college, the Electrical department may be of recent inception. It may be that the department does not have reputed or qualified teachers or standard workshop. In short, the department may not be having good infrastructure. The previous year pass percentage may be low.

    Generally the vacancies in IT companies are much more than from Electrical or mechanical oriented companies. All said and done the major chunk of the campus recruited candidates are in the data entry sides first and even otherwise they will be in general streams where a very basic knowledge of IT/computer software and hardware is enough. More than that they give internal training.

    Even f it is IT company, they have services and clients in Electrical and mechanical industries. So there, the engineers from those branches will be useful.

    Now, you cannot complain to your HOD,but can request and suggest for inviting companies from the electrical industries. The success or failure depends on the quality of you students and what reputation you spread out by your performances.

    If there is a placement officer in your college, then approach him.

  • Thank you for such a nice suggestion. But I do have the placement officer in my college but she is not paying attention to this. As far as the companies are concerned, they are not coming since my college is new. And I am the first batch of my college. So the companies are reluctant to come her. Moreover I study in a university and since its only been 4 yrs since the university has established so I don't know that electrical companies will prefer to come here for recruitment. I would be really grateful if someone could help me in writing a mail to the placement officer and the hod. I can write the mail but I am afraid if they find my mail offensive. Since I have never done it before. If someone could help me with that, thanI think I will get the idea as how to do it in future.

  • I am not sure why you want to write a complaint letter to your college management. As you said they will feel the complaint as offensive even if a professional write the letter. I don't think so writing a letter will not help you at any cost and moreover the situation may turn bad for you and it will create a bad image for you.

    I suggest you to drop your plan of writing a complaint letter. You may consider Venkiteswaran advice of writing a request to your management may help you. You also said that chances of Electrical companies coming to your college is very less so how can sure that electrical companies will come for interview if you write a complaint letter.

    You have below 2 options,

    1. Look off-campus placement drives - Electrical companies use to take very less number of students through campus placement drives. You can try for electrical companies through off-campus placement drives conducted in other colleges or Applying to the companies directly through their career website. I know some of my friends got placed through off-campus placement drives in electrical companies. So don't worry much about your college placement officer.

    2. If you are interested in IT companies then you can participate in campus placement drives in your college. IT companies will not look for students with coding skills. Most companies take students from Non computer background. Recent studies suggest that IT companies gave appointment letter to more number of Non-computer science students than computer science students.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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