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    Ration card details about White card and Pink Card

    Want to apply for a new ration card? Understand first the difference between a white ration card and a pink ration card.

    I am from Secunderabad, Telangana, want to know about the ration card details. I heard about there are two types of ration cards are issued: white card and pink card. What are these two types? I want to make a ration card, so want to know the procedure and also want to know the last date to apply for it.

    Could you also tell me about the benefits of white card and pink card?
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  • In India Ration card is used as identity proof and to get subsidized for food, LPG, kerosene etc.
    Basically there are three types ration cards
    1. Antyodaya Ration Cards - For the poorest people

    2. BPL Cards - Persons Below Poverty Line

    3. APL Cards - Persons Above Poverty Line

    Antyodaya Ration Cards
    • People who are having monthly income less than 250/- gets Antyodaya Ration Cards.

    • Under Antyodaya Ration Cards there is one more card for senior citizens called as Anna Yojna, AAY Cards.

    BPL Cards – Orange/Yellow ration card
    • It is used by Below Poverty Level people.

    • People who are having annual income between 15000/- to 100000/- get orange/Yellow ration card.

    • These peoples are liable to get food, grains and gas at cheap rate.

    White ration card
    • It is used by Above Poverty Level people.

    • People who are having annual income more than 100000/- get white ration card.

    • These peoples do not get any facilities on food or Gas.

    • So white ration card mainly used as identity proof.

    Procedure to get ration card:
    You need to submit application form which is available at respective offices of The Food and Civil Supplies Department of the state government. Application fee charge is 1/- Rs.

    Following are the documents you need to submit while submitting form
    • Complete application form which should be attested by any Gazetted Officer. For Urban Area and rural area, people can make it attested by the Sarpanch.

    • Three passport size photograph of the Head of Family.

    • surrender certificate. It should be issued by the belonging region of person.

    • Affidavit to the prove that their names are not included in any ration card anywhere in India

    • Latest telephone bill having name of the applicant
      Latest LPG receipt having name of the applicant

    • Valid driving license

    Jyoti Nagargoje
    Have courage and be kind

  • AP EPDS Ration Cards and their types. How to apply for a Ration Card in Andhra Pradesh? Eligility criteria and Documents Required. Also you can find many other details @

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