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    SEO as a career for B.Tech fresher

    Wondering if a formal SEO training program would be a good career option after B.Tech.? Our career guidance experts will give their opinions and guide you on the right path.

    I would like to know about career options in SEO. My queries are:
    Is training required to begin a career in SEO? What is the scope of digital marketing after completing a course? Are there any good digital marketing training institute?

    Which is the best training center around NCR ?

    What is the growth potential and future in SEO field ?

    Is it a good option for fresher in E & C ?
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  • Its a great career in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in many web-designing and web-development companies. These companies provide jobs on SEO with good package.

    You can do certification in SEO from training centers in Pune, Bengaluru, Noida. These centers provide training and certifications:

    1. Digital Vidhya, New Delhi
    2. Silicon India
    3. Multiline Solutions, Mumbai
    4. SEO training institute, Gurgaon
    5. Internet and mobile research institute, Bengaluru

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  • Thanks for posting this question, well if you belong to E & C I would recommend not to go for SEO as you have wide range of career as compared to SEO, as the market of Computer and IT engineers is too wide that SEOs are more then enough, although SEO has grown up a lot in the last few years in the area of digital marketing but you can keep this as an additional skill.
    If you have deep interest in working on websites and promoting them through SEO and SMO then you can choose that and get command over it but the core CS companies like TCS, ARICENT and Accenture are looking for developers more then SEOs.

    Also you can go for complete digital marketing course online and get certified so that you can have some knowledge + some certifications.

    2nd thing , I m also a B.Tech CS student and today I have also the certification and SEO skill along with the developing but it doesn't affected my resume when I tried for SEOs job as company people are looking more for experienced so you have to make at least of 3+ year in SEOs till .

    Also you can go for embedded system as a career in E & C its good option, if you were good in EC also if not then you can choose any of the development or marketing career.
    so its up-to you how you decide.

  • I completed my B.Tech in the year 2013 and Joined a company DPFOC - based in Jaipur. I was appointed as SEO Analyst and at that time I was having 0% understanding of SEO. But , I was having strong technical skills. Now within 1 year I am working on the post of Digital Marketing Manager. So the answers to your questions are as below :

    No , you do not require much training for SEO. Just make your basic concepts of Internet and HTML clear.

    Yes, this field has a great future ahead , as everything in this world is getting digitized now a days. And to have digital presence , SEO is the only practice that one can follow.

  • Nowadays, I observed that most engineering graduated are left without getting jobs or end up getting non-relevant jobs. The Educational Institutions on one side and companies on the other side are not thinking about the career growth of students, but looking only at their own business growth.

    I myself an engineering graduate (ECE branch) passed out in 2017. But now I'm working as an SEO Analyst. So, the conclusion is that "You can start your career in SEO, being a B.Tech fresher".

    The justification for my statement: (The reason why I advise or suggest to go for SEO or Digital Marketing field)

    Currently, most of us use the internet for some or other reasons. (whether it can be watching youtube, reading a blog, watching movies online, money transactions, etc.) It means people consume and spends most of their daily time online. Therefore the more the internet is being used, the more scope or demand the digital marketing has! Hence, you can confidently step into digital marketing as an SEO.

    Digital marketing basically consists of several components namely SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, etc. as major components. Since your question is about SEO, I will only speak about it.

    SEO is one of the very very important parts of Digital Marketing. So, it will never die and is an evergreen digital strategy for any kind of businesses. I can assure that it exists as long as the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. exists. SEO is all about ranking any websites on top of SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages) and thereby bringing more traffic (Users) to the website.

    Coming to training. You can get trained in 2 different ways.

    1. You can learn it completely by yourself for free using the internet. With 1+ years of experience in this field, I can confidently tell that everything about digital marketing you can get or learn from the internet. But with few conditions: you should be dedicated, passionate and willing to spend more time to research and learn a lot. So, this process will take a little longer time and it is completely FREE!!

    2. The second method is by joining any training institution. By doing this you can learn it fast but you should put enough efforts. Some of the popular and well-known training institutions are DigitalVidya, DigitalKora, DigitalDeepak, etc.

    Conclusion: If you want to save time, go for training institutions. If you want to save money, learn by your self. I believe you can learn a lot by learning it yourself instead of getting trained by someone else, but choose this only if you have time.

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