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    Clinical Research in USA after completing MBBS from MUHS

    Eager to pursue clinical research in USA after MBBS in India? Find out the details of the eligibility criteria, job scope and other aspects from this Ask Expert page about clinical research programs in USA.

    I completed my MBBS in 2014 and I want to do research in USA, preferably clinical research. Can you please tell me as to how to apply, which exams are to be given, what is the scope of clinical research in USA , what's the exact job Profile, etc
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  • Please go through this article in this site which gives insight for research in US after MBBS which describes about the USMLE (United states medical licensing exam) and also residency in a speciality(PG) which is a path to do medical courses in US.

    Apart from the universities and options listed in the article, I would like to add one more University that is George Town University which caters to the need of clinical research by offering MS/MD dual programme in system medicine which is started in 2011 and deals with biomedical science and clinical practice, by bridging research and clinical care. It has been initiated initially for the medical students of the same University and students can take this additional dual course along with their second or third years of study. Also it says, that is additional one year programme of 4 years of traditional MD. So if some one interested in getting in to this programme should join the traditional MD in this university by following steps as specified in the article above.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • The details which is given by Saroja Madam and also given in articles would be sufficient for you to know about Clinical Research program in USA and the process of getting admission in USA through various entrance examinations. So here I want to tell you about the Scope, Salary, Job profile and its role in the field of clinical research program in USA and India.

    First of all, have some knowledge about your role in clinical research field:
    1. You will be working in a pharmaceutical company for the research of various drugs/medicines for the use human and animal.
    2. you will be investigating human and animals disease and will work on how to prevent from such disease and the methods of treatment for that.
    3. So wherever will you work either in USA or in India, your role/task will be same.

    Scopes and Job profile:
    1. There are such a huge demand of clinical research professionals in USA and in INDIA also. Pharmaceuticals company in USA like Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, Merck & Co., Mylan Laboratories, Allergen, Biogen Idec etc. recruits for the position of a Clinical Research Associate. So you can easily get a good job if you study in USA because there will be campus placement drive in college.
    2. If you want to do a job in India after completion of your clinical research program from USA, then here also a lot of pharma companies who recruits research professionals. Some reputed Companies are like Sun Pharmaceutical, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Mankind Pharma, Cipla, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. etc. So through the interview you can get a good job.

    Salaries in USA and INDIA:
    Wherever will you work, your salary will depend upon your performance which varies from company to company. But as a fresher if you join in USA then your salary will be near about 60k USD to 65K USD per year which also depends upon the company.
    And if you join as a fresher in INDIA then your salary will be near about 3.5LPA to 4.5LPA, this also depends upon the company.

    Wish you all the best for your brighter future in the research field.

  • But Navchetan Kumar, you have given clinical research for a pharma student whereas the author said that he is a MBBS doctor and hence your reference of companies did not match his profile as you have stated the role in the first line as 'working in pharma' and also the job scope you have given in the point no 2 is only with the pharma students who do clinical research.

    I reserved my answer only to USA and not to India as he being a MBBS finished doctor may want to know only with US and also for a doctor and not for a pharmacist as there is a difference between the doctor doing clinical research and the pharma student doing clinical research.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • Yes Saroja mam, you are right there are two clinical research program one is for MBBS graduate and another one is for B.Pharma students. But there is a big difference which is- B.Pharma graduates used to do only testing and analyzing part of existing disease in research field. They only checks the effects of medicine on patients. But MBBS student used to investigate the disease and create the formula to treat such kind of disease in their clinical research program.

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