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    Seeking an effective solution for severe arthritis

    Suffering from server arthritis? Get expert advice from the responses below on the right treatment and medications to deal with severe levels of arthritis.

    I am a lady of fifty plus. For last about 20 years or more I have been suffering from arthritis. In 2008 an MRI was done of L.S. Spine. The impression showed mild disc bulge at L3-4, L4-5 & L5 – S1 levels. In 2009 an X-Ray was done of Cervical Spine. The impression showed degenerative Cervical Spondolysis involving C4, C5, C6 and C7 with bridging Osteophytosis, Vertebral Wedging and Degenerative Disk Disease.

    Medicines used : In 2008 I was feeling a brittle sound in my Lumbosacral bone while lying down on the bed or getting up from the lying posture. Since after I started taking the homeopathy medicine BC19, gradually the brittleness of my Lumbosacral bone reduced and almost came down to normal condition. I was then able to perform normal activity. BC19 produced a good effect on my cervical spondylosis also.

    Since after 2009 I had been taking the vitamin Meganeuron OD Plus. I have also a tendency of catching cold very easily. That's why I have to take homeopathy liquid Just OC (10 drops 2 times) regularly. If I stop using this drop, cold gets congested into my sinus area causing severe headache. Moreover I have to take homeopathy biochemic tablet BC10 also to arrest cold. I have to use homeopathic medicine BC25 for digestion.

    I also use the following medicines regularly :
    (1) Enzox syrup 2 times a day for digestion.
    (2) K4 tablet – 2 tabs twice a day to keep the urinary system healthy.

    In context of my right knee pain for the last two months, I went to an orthopedic surgeon. First he gave me Feldex 20 for 10 days. He also suggested for an X-Ray for right knee and L.S. spine. The X-Ray was done on 3.3.15. The impression showed Osteo arthritic changes in the Right Knee with narrowing of vertebral compartment and early degenerative changes seen in lumbar vertebrae. The same time along with this X-Ray of Right Knee, RA Factor of blood examination was also done. The result was positive 20.0 U/ml, whereas normal range should be less than 14.

    After reviewing my X-Ray and blood report, the doctor prescribed to continue MEXT 7.5 F (Methotrexate & Folic Acid tablets) for six months. After continuing for 3 months he suggested for blood examination of SGPT, GOT, HB and platelet.

    My question is, has MEXT 7.5 F any adverse side effect? Can the above mentioned allopathy and homeopathy medicines be used, while continuing MEXT 7.5 F. Please let me know at the earliest.

    What should be the remedy to combat so widespread arthritis. There are hardly any joint on my body which is not attacked by arthritis. I always suffer from tenderness, inflammation etc. of so many joints. How can I arrest bony degeneration which is so rampant in my lumbosacral region, cervical region and both the knees?
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  • Dear Madam
    What I can see over here is that you are doing everything to control the arthritis. But you are not getting to the root of what can be the cause of Arthritis.
    Mere deficiencies of nutrients and other things are not a root cause of your troubles. There are "tendencies" which one self develops on the basis of your genetic constituency and other relevant factors. I will suggest you to book an appointment with a Physician who can understand the root cause of your above mentioned troubles, why they are being maintained and what can be done for the same.
    The Physician can be of any faculty but should be able to take a proper consult and understand the cause of the tendencies and should address treating of these tendencies leading to such troubles.
    I would also suggest you to book an appointment with a nutritionist who can understand your body composition and could well craft a lifestyle for betterment of you.

    Self-discipline brings success; but restraints too binding bring self-defeat.

  • Hi,
    From the given information I understand a thing that you have been suffering from arthritis from long instead of doing everything to control arthritis. Follow :

    1. Do more exercise.

    2. Lose weight.

    3. Try acupuncture.

    4. Meditate to cope up with the pain.

    5. Have omega 3 fatty acids. Have fish oil supplements.

    6. Include turmeric in your diet.

    7. Have glucosamine. It alleviates arthritis pain.

    8. Massage some strong smelling mentholated creams over the joint.

    9. Electrical energy can be used to help ease pain and swelling in arthritic joints.

    10. Use assistive devices to walk.

    11. Have turmeric and ginger tea.

    12. Have more and more magnesium.

    13. Apply eucalyptus and peppermint oil. Mix 7-10 drops of both and apply them every day twice on the joints.

    14. Have grape juice.

    15. Before sleeping drink a glass of warm milk. Add turmeric in it too.

    16. Don't remain in a position for longer hours.

    17. Quit smoking.

    18. Have alfalfa seeds.

    19. Have cherries.

    Best of Luck! Be Happy.

  • Suggesting Physiotherapy etc., will help only according to the severity and age conditions. It is highly suggested to consult an Ayurveda doctor in this connection.
    For any illness, whether serious or common, there are remedies in Ayurveda which is proved positively in many situations. Since many are not aware fully about ayurveda and having much confidence in Allopathic treatments they are not satisfied with Ayurveda. My suggestion is to contact in person to the nearest Ayurveda Hospital, or better go to Shri Dharmastala Manjunatha Ayurveda Hospital spread over in Karnataka which has many faculties and professionals and wherein you can get good treatment. (This is not advertisement but is my personal experience).

  • You need some liffe - style changes in order to tackle your prevalent problem. I think an ayurvedic approach in this regard would be helpful.All the prevailing problems signify that you are beset with low immunity problem. As such there is recurrence of cough and cold very often.
    I would advise you to use Tulasi capsules made by Himalaya Ayurvedic Drug company for at least two may use the same after your principal meals. Take one capsule after Lunch and one after dinner. This capsule would tone up the entire body system.
    Again Garlic also offers many health benefits and is best suited in your case. You may use two buds of raw garlic and the same is to be taken in the empty - stomach early in the morning.
    Keep your weight under check and for this brisk walking for 30 minutes on daily basis would be advantageous. Have Ginger tea twice daily.
    The best recourse would be to consult an Ayurvedic Physician who can guide you in a better way to alleviate your prevalent problems.

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