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    Document verification for government job with different name of mother on certificates

    Is there a different name of your mother on your academic certificates? Know whether or not this will affect your chances of getting a government job.

    I want to do a job in central government of India, but there is a problem in my 10th and 12th certificate. In the 10th certificate my mother's name is given as MIRA PANDEY in both CBSE and in 12th certificate mother's name is MIRA DEVI. Can this create a problem for selection for a government job?
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  • You will not face any problem in you job interview in any central government service or public sector unit. The credential information of high school certificate (10th) is taken as original and standard in any interview.

    You should give an advertisement in the newspaper with the wrong name and original name and keep the cutting of that advertisement with you at the time of interview.

    You also make an affidavit regarding the original name and wrong name and mention that credential information in 10th class certificate should be taken as original and standard.

    Look to my answers in these below link, which asks same type of question as you have asked here.

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  • Yes Mr. Raghu, this may create problem at the time of document verification process in government job. But don't worry, this is not a big issue you can easily get affidavit from the Judicial Magistrate of the civil court. So consult to any advocate and file an application to the Magistrate of civil court. But your mother will have to be present to get an Affidavit. You can get affidavit on the same day of submitting application or another day.
    Please refer to the link below in order to know the process of getting affidavit.

  • Nothing to worry. In the Central Government/PSU recruitment process, the actual Date of Birth as recorded in the Class X/SSC certificate is more important. It would taken as the base for reckoning your age and eligibility for any job. The names recorded in he X class certificate would be taken as final and any minor difference in the spelling of name of father or mother would not affect the verification of documents at the time of joining the job.

    However, the name of the mother would be verified at the time of settlement of benefits due to the individual, in case he makes her as nominee to receive the terminal benefits. In such a scenario, a legal affidavit would serve the purpose.


  • Raghu,

    You will be having a birth certificate issued by the local governing body, such as panchayat, municipality, corporation etc. Check what is your mother's name in your birth certificate. Now, based on the birth certificate you can correct the 10th or 12th certificate which went wrong by giving an application to the board of examination. In some cases, you may need a 'one and same certificate' from the village officer saying that the person bearing name Mira Pandey is the same as Mira Devi.

    This problem will not be a hindrance in applying for a central government job. You can apply now and by the time the exam and interview takes place you can give the applications to the concerned office and clear your issue. Be sure to apply very well in advance as our government offices will have lot of procedures which may take a few months to clear your issue.


  • Verifying our own name, father/mother's name, wife/husband's name, date of birth should be verified as and when we received the same from the authorities as the possibility of mistakes are there by clerical mistake. Though this is not problematic, to avoid future halchal, we should be careful at the time of receiving. If there is any mistake that should be corrected immediately with respective authorities as the procedure may be simplified. Now we people taking care in this aspect only if applied for government jobs or government examinations.

  • It is interesting. On home page the title of thread is 'August 15' by Nikhil but on clicking we reach here. Some technical issue which I don't know.
    As far as the query is concerned it is a common problem. In case the discrepancy is noticed at the time of receiving the document, at least action can be initiated immediately for correction but practically that is not possible always.
    But as many contributors have already observed this issue is not a hurdle and can be resolved.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • It is a common mistake and generally happens with many students. I would advise the questioner to make a suitably-worded affidavit before a first-class Magistrate of his locality. Similarly-worded classified advertisement is require to be published in one English newspaper and a vernacular newspaper. The original affidavit and original advertisements are to be kept to avoid any future complication at the time of admission or appointment.

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    In Graduation Degree my mother name- 'RAMU DEVI, &10th, 12th Marksheet Mother name- 'RAMUDEVI, ??! ??? Regular name ?? space problem ?? ?????? ?? Gov. Service ?? Joining ???? ?? ??? Problem ???? ???? ? Please sir reply me . ???? ????? ?? ??? ??!

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    i passed 10th in 2010 from cbse , in my matriculation certificate one word is missing in my mother name .. her name is SAYEDA BEGAM and certificate name is SAYED question is that is their any problem to selection for a govt job..

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    sir i have wrote my mother name missing devi at ssc chsl form sumbission so it's okay or not at the time of documents verification process after selecting teir 1,2 and skill test. in my certificate my mother name name is th (o) malapati devi and what i written in the form is th (o) malapati?

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    Sir I passed Isc in 2014 with 60% then I got admission in graduation then after I gave improvement exam of Isc in 2015 and I got 72.2% and my graduation complete in 2017. Sir help me If I am selected for any government post of graduation level what is the date of leaving school where I done Isc in year 2014 ya 2015 if I gave leaving school date 2014 but bseb send only original certificate of 2015 exam.

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    sir i hve an dought
    sir i in 10th 12th my father name is mulu bhai
    but in degree my father name is mukesh bhai

    is there is a problem if i will get govt job

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