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    From which college to do engineering after Class 12 to get a good job

    Need career guidance on engineering colleges? From the response below you will get feedback & reviews of the best engineering colleges to join in terms of future job prospects.

    I am very confused. I cannot decide which branch should I take and which collage is best for me. I am 12th passed with 79%. My mains marks was not so good. I just want a good job after my engineering with a good package. I belong to a middle class family. Do guide me on what I should do.
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  • You have completed 10+2 so if you want to do engineering then I would advise you to prepare for IIT-JEE ,AIEEE and CUSAT examinations in order to get admission in good college. If you score high in IIT-JEE/AIEEE/CUSAT examinations then only you can get admission in reputed college like IIT's on the basis of IIT-JEE rank , NIT's on the basis of AIEEE rank or in engineering colleges in Karnataka on the basis of CUSAT rank. Don't worry if you score less in these examinations. There are many private engineering colleges and universities from where you can do your engineering course and after completion of B.Tech/B.E you can easily get placed in good companies.
    Wish you all the best for your bright future.

  • Do not be confused. Firstly, decide what your interest is? I suggest you to take evergreen branch i.e. mechanical engineering, civil engineering, cement technology, mining engineering, electrical engineering. In these engineering branches are very good and have a very good scope.

    If you want to go in IT and software industry then you choose the course of engineering graduation with information technology or engineering graduation with computer science and engineering. IT sector is very booming sector in terms of job and package.

    You can pursue your engineering degree from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), NIT (National Institute of Technology), REC (Regional Engineering College), IIIT (Indian Institute of Information Technology) and there are so many private premier institute from which you can attain your degree in desired branch.

    Fee structure for engineering graduation B.E./B.Tech. will ranges from Rs.40000/- to RS.80000/- depending on the colleges, university and state. The fee structure variates according to the technical university of the state as per ordnance of the university permitted by UGC/AICTE.

    Dear friend, first of all decide which branch you want to study with your interest, you should know the scope of the that branch. As you have mentioned that you belong to middle class family then there may be financial problem you are facing.

    You can do you engineering graduation from Madhya Pradesh or Maharastra, there the fee structure ranges from Rs. 25000/- to Rs. 50000/-. All the best your future, before getting admission take all the information about the college.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

  • Dear Yash
    I am a Chemical Engineering graduate and I also faced the same problem that you are facing right now. First of all, I would like to ask a question. Do you really like Engineering? Do you have the passion to study Engineering? Are you good in your mathematics papers? If your answers to this questions are positive, I would say Engineering is a good option for you.Trust me, having an Engineering degree alone does not always fetch you a good job. More than 10 lakh engineers are passing out in India. So you have to have an extra edge over your subject to compete with all these people.
    So if you have chosen to be an Engineer, then the next question is Which Branch?
    Many people would say to choose the branch that has scope, jobs etc. But I would tell you to choose a branch that matches your talent. It is said that every human being is a genius in something. A person will always have a hidden talent to excel in a particular subject. Some people might have a talent to draw. Some people might have a talent to write creatively. Some might be interested in electronics. Some people might be good in solving chemical reactions. As in my case, I really loved studying chemistry and I always loved to solve organic chemistry questions( in my +2) . I was also the subject topper for chemistry in my school. So i just choose chemical Engineering just because I was good at solving chemical problems. So just choose the branch that you have some idea about. And if you don't like solving problems, please don't go for Engineering because as an Engineer your primary job will be to solve problems. There are also many unique branches in Engineering that you might have never heard of. So if you want to know about the branches of Engineering available, please feel free to contact me
    So if you have decided the branch, the next question is which college?
    Well the best colleges in India for studying engineering are the IITs, NITs , BITS Pilani, JNTU etc. For getting into these colleges you need to clear entrance exams like JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT etc. And trust me, you have to be very focused and work hard to get into these institutes. Don't worry about your fees because you can get an educational loan very easily without any collateral and you need to pay the loan back after completion of your course. Even I am from a middle class family and I got an education loan for my studies. The education loan would cover your tution fees, book fees, boarding(hostel fees) etc. So you need not worry about money. So if you are not able to clear all these entrance exams, you can always opt for a private college. The plus point of studying in colleges like IITs are that they have amazing infrastructure and you will get good job placements. But if you study in a private college, the infrastructure will be average and the placements will be less.

    The last advise I would like to give you is that don't ever mug up facts for the sake of passing the exams. As an Engineering students you must be very strong in your concepts. Be strong on your concepts and you will get a job very easily. Don't ever study for marks. A first class( 65 - 70%) will do for any company but more importantly what they check in interviews is that

    Have you got your concepts right? ( technical knowledge)
    Are you able to express your ideas? ( soft skills)

    So best of luck for your future. Hope this post help you. You can contact me anytime if you have any doubts

  • Hi Yash

    Do not worry about the marks you get. The only thing you need is the confidence and courage to get the job. Its not that only Engineering is paid high. There are other courses which provide the most job openings with better salary.

    The first thing is that you need to filter the area of your interest. Only your way of learning about the new technology and drilling down new innovative ideas gives you a bright future and a remark in the field.

    Lakhs of people pass Engineering every year. Not that everyone comes out with a job. In order to avoid this situation, its better to have a different view on various field such as Photography, Chartered Accountant, Fashion Technology, Hotel Management, etc.

    Its all difficult to get a name in the field. You need to be more creative and develop yourself. Since you belong to a middle family, its difficult to afford much money. But educational loans would help you to get better. There are many part time jobs available so that you can earn while studying. This also help you in gathering knowledge in various fields as well.

    All the best for your future. Analyse well before you choose your career. This is the part you would prove yourself the best.

  • Let me explain you your present situation first so that you can keep yourself calm and not make any wrong decision in a hurry.

    You have passed 12th class securing 79% which is quite satisfactory.But you were unable to qualify for the IIT mains which becomes a reason for disappointment.But do not worry about that because there are lakhs of students belonging from a middle class background who do not make it up to the mains.But this does not mean end of life and also end of your dreams.There are about thousand alternative solutions for students who want to do engineering in good colleges.

    I cannot tell you about good engineering colleges because you have not mentioned your state but I can definitely give you some collages that have made a good reputation among engineering colleges in India.
    Some of them are
    1.SRM university,Chennai
    2.BITs Pilani,Hyderabad,Goa,Dubai.
    3.Manipal institute of technology,Manipal.
    4.Amity University,Coimbatore.
    5.VITs university,Vellore.
    6.Gitam university,Vishakhapatnam.
    7.Thapar institute of engineering,Patiala.
    8.Dhirubhai Ambani IICT ,Gandhinagar.
    9.National institute of engineering,Mysore.
    10.RV college of engineering ,Banglore.

    These are some of the best engineering colleges other than IIT and NIT colleges.BITs Pilani tops in the list of private engineering college so you should definitely apply for its entrance exam.

    You can also apply for UPSC examinations if you want to become defence officer.I feel defence field suits you best.So do ponder about becoming a defence officer.
    Think about 100times before choosing your college and field of interest because making any wrong decision can ruin your life.

  • Since your HSC marks are less, it is difficult to get admission to top engineering colleges or universities in India. However, if you score well in some of the engineering-based entrance exams, you can still get a chance to earn a seat in good engineering colleges. However, at the end of the day, talent matters and not the college. Even if you can get a decent engineering college near your home for admission, you would do well as it would save travel time and allow you to stay closer to your family. This would ensure that you will stay focused on your engineering studies and graduate with atleast a first class or distinction grade.

    While selecting a graduation course, never aim for just a good package. You will earn good salary doing any course as long as you are highly skilled, talented and possess the right aptitude to learn. So, choose an engineering course that interests you. Many students choose mechanical engineering or civil engineering or electrical engineering and after graduation join an IT firm for good salary. I would suggest if you are interested in such niche areas, you should develop a career in them and grab jobs in that field only. If your objective is to get a job in IT companies, then, select computer engineering or IT engineering course. You can either go for B.Tech or B.E. depending on which college is good in your region.

    Some alternate options are doing a BSc (IT) course followed by post graduation in MSc (IT). This would also give you equal opportunities to make a good career in computers. First, decide your subject interest and then select the appropriate engineering course.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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