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    How to delete mobile uploads album in Facebook?

    Want to know the procedure for deleting the mobile uploads album in your Facebook? Get the expert solution here.

    I recently posted a photo from my mobile to Facebook. When I logged in from my PC, it had gone into a self-created album called mobile uploads. I moved it to one of my albums, but it lost all the likes and comments got until then. Now I can't even delete that empty album called Mobile Uploads. Can anyone help?
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  • I don't think you can delete them because it was made by Facebook default

  • I think you don't able to delete this because this is defaultly created by Facebook. But you don't think about it. it doesn't created any problems in your FB account.

  • There is no option to delete the same from the mobile app itself. However, you can login to the facebook using desktop browser. And move the images to another album. That way you can select the album and delete it. I have noticed that facebook is making it harder to remove the content from their website. This means you have to manually go to the album and delete the images. It is very slow process and for some reasons there is no other option than to do it this way.

  • Mobile Uploads is an automated album created by Facebook. It consist of all of your time uploads from mobile devices which forms up as collection .
    It is just like other default albums like Profile photos,Timeline photos etc.
    You can not delete it as it is a default feature provided by Facebook.


  • Mobile uploads are created by Facebook when you upload an image using your mobile phone.
    You can upload pictures Here if you upload pic in your News Feed when you access facebook via facebook mobile site

    I think we couldn"t delete this folder once it is created.
    But we could move the images in it to other albums or to a newly created album

  • I think You can not delete this because the Folder is not created by you. You can not have access permissions to delete.

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  • When you upload the photos in the facebook,the facebook itself default create the album .It is just like default albums like Profile Timeline,photos etc.In this album your photos will be stored .But whatever you have uploaded in the facebook you can't delete because of maintained automatically the photos in the defualt,album.If you want to delete the album you can't do it ,only delete photos individually that's why your album can be empty.

  • When you upload photos in facebook using your mobile phone, an album named mobile uploads will be automatically created and the photos goes to the same album. This album is created by default for the photos uploaded from mobile phone. The album cannot be deleted manually since it is created by facebook itself. But you can move the contents of the album to other album if you like.

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