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    How to avoid vomiting sensation on taking iron tablet and milk during pregnancy

    Suffering from recurring nausea and vomiting in the mornings while taking milk and iron tabletsduring pregnancy? Know how to avoid this from the suggestions made below.

    One of my cousins is now 4 months pregnant. She avoids the smell of milk. The doctor prescribed her to take Iron Tablet in the morning. She takes it daily but she vomits everything she had for breakfast. She neglects to have too after the vomit. She says that the tablet smell makes her feel vomiting. Is there any remedy to stop this vomiting?
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  • Hai Janani,
    First of all I am not a doctor anyway I ll suggest you a simple way my Dad used to follow this technique when I was a kid I refused to eat tablets due to its smell,Taste and asl ike you said Vomiting sense. Just take one banana cut one small piece of it. Press that Iron tablet into that piece until It reaches the middle of the piece. Open your mouth, Put it inside swallow Thats it. The thing you need to do here is cut that piece a bit bigger than the tablet and meanwhile be sure that the size is ok for you to swallow and then drink water. Eat that remaining banana so that while burping you can feel that fruit smell. So you feel good with that. Hope my answer will helps you at least a bit. And also banana will helps to release the block of foods like fish stones etc.. in throat. Thank You

  • Hi Janani,
    I can well understand the plight of the patient. However, Vomitting sensation is a normal phenomena at this stage. There are certain tips which may mitigate the present complication.
    1) Whenever, Vomitting sensation appears, She may use Cumin - water for the alleviation of the problem. To prepare the water containing Cumin, One has to take roughly one table -spoon of Cumin and pour the same containing 250 ml of water. Now the water is to be boiled till the volume of water is reduced to half. Discard the Cumin by means of Filtration and consume the warm - water. This process can be repeated three to four times in a day.
    2) Chewing of Ginger is also helpful sometimes. A small portion of Jinger say 2.5 gm is to be consumed at a time and this may also be repeated three to four times a day.
    3) Protien - intake has to be stepped up. A boiled Egg, inclusion of Lean - meat, Pulses may help her in arresting the Vomitting tendency.
    4) Even Homeopathic medicines offer immediate relief. So in case of complication, you may have a consultation of the Homeopathic Doctor.

  • I am not a doctor myself. My recommendation is that the doctor consultation is necessary before taking any medicines for nausea or vomit as pregnancy is very important and sophisticated phase of woman's life and one should unnecessarily take medicines without doctors recommendation as negligence may harm .


  • 1.Try to change the combination of medicine by consulting doctor.
    2.After having medicine let her have some fresh air or make her smell natural fragrances of flower or dhoop.
    3.Let her drink water which is well filtered and kept in pot containing a natural herb called "Usheer:" for overnight.
    4.Make her smell kapoor.
    5.Nowadays ayurvedic monthly kalpas for pregnant ladies are available. They help in reducing such symptoms. , help in proper weight gain and maintain haemoglobin and calcium level.

  • Do not worry It happens to some lady more for first 3 months. After that it becomes normal. You can do the followings-
    1.Do not be empaty stomach
    2.Avoid the foods which irritates
    3.Ginger and lemon
    4.Doxinate tablet
    5.Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)
    Doxinate tablet is very effective. consult your doctor before taking.

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  • In pregnancy time, the vomiting and nausea is always common for all women but it control some difficult because the baby has growth and it will stomach is contraction. In morning time the pittam has upwards in the stomach to be nausea is coming it will control some home remedies has follows.

    Home remedies

    1. Lemon is the best to stop the vomiting. One lemon to take and juice to it and add some salt mixes it well and drinks this mixture before your meals.
    2. Smell and Crush mint leaves in bowl to add a glass of water and mix well to take up for two weeks daily.
    3. Take one tablespoon of curd and kadukkai powder to mix it and drink before food drink every day.
    4. Smell some kapoor is control the vomit and stop the nausea.

    Must Avoid this

    1. Straightly sitting to take food and while eating
    2. In your mouth to grinding a food of small quantities to eat food
    3. Avoid chew gums
    4. Avoid more to eat in onion
    5. Avoid carbonated drinks to gas heavily
    6. Stress level in your body to reduce
    7. Salty and spicy food to be avoided.
    8. Must avoid exercises after a meal

  • It is fairly common for women to feel nauseous after taking iron supplements. I suffered from the same discomfort when I was pregnant with my babies. Iron capsules can make you sick, even when you are not pregnant. They are also known to cause constipation and this can get bad, during pregnancy.

    Here is what my gynaecologist had advised -

    1. To take the supplement at dinner time.
    2. To never take it on an empty stomach
    3. To always have a glass of lime juice with my meal, as the vitamin C content in the limes aids easy and quick absorption

    Here is what I used to do -

    I would eat a few morsels, take the supplement and drink a glass of fresh lime juice. I would walk around the house for about 10-15 minutes and then sit down to finish my dinner. It always worked for me.

    Indian women generally have a low haemoglobin count. It is better to work on improving the count before a woman gets pregnant, by eating iron rich foods. Though a better count will not stop the doctor from prescribing the supplement, there is the chance of the doctor prescribing one with a lower concentration of the mineral, as was done in my case.

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  • Normally gynaecologist advised to take iron tablet after 12 week of pregnancy. Up to 12 week it is advisable to take only folic acid tablet for a normal healthy pregnancy without any complication. Iron and calcium tablet will suggest by doctor after 12 weeks only. Nowadays iron tablet along with folic acid content are suggesting.
    Main thing you have to note down is calcium and iron tablet should not be taken together. Because the absorption of iron interfere with calcium absorption.So if you are taking calcium in the morning time it is best to take iron tablet in the night time. Take a one hour gap between your dinner and iron intake. And also give 1 hour gap between iron intake time and sleeping time.
    It is not recommended to take iron tablet when you have acidity, nausea and vomiting. Because it worsts the following condition. That is why it is recommended to take the iron tablet after 12 week of pregnancy. After 12 weeks most of the women were free from nausea and vomiting. In my case after 12 week doctor enquired me about the severity of the nausea, acidity and vomiting. For me it persists up to 14 weeks. So doctor advised me to wait for another 2 weeks. And he told me that if I am suffering from any problems like vomiting and constipation immeadiately I have to inform him. But luckily I was fine. Nowadays iron tablets which is not creating any side effects are also suggested by gynaecologists.

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